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In 2024, there are more hazards than ever to be aware of on the roads in order to keep yourself, and other road users, safe. Since this blog was originally posted, way back in 2019, our no win no fee solicitors in Lancaster have settled hundreds more serious road traffic accident cases, that have occurred on the roads, highways, and motorways of England and Wales. 

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One type of incident which our solicitors in Lancaster come across on a regular basis are accidents involving cyclists. Sections 59-82 of the Highway Code are of particular importance and interest to your Lancaster law firm here in dealing with these matters. 
As a cyclist, there are a number of ways you can keep yourself, and others, safe which are discussed within Rule 59 of the Highway Code. These include the following: 

Wearing a helmet 

If travelling in dark conditions to wear fluorescent/bright clothing to make yourself visible, as well as reflective accessories such as arm and ankle belts. 
Under Rule 60, cyclists must have white front lights and red rear lights on their bicycle making it visible to other road users in poorly lit conditions and/or at night. 
Rule 64 of the Highway Code states that cyclists are not to cycle on pavements. Therefore, they are required to use the roads along with other road users, and obey traffic signs and traffic light signals as all others are required. This can, however, make cyclists a vulnerable sector of road users, with thousands being injured each year. The ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) 2017 Road Safety Fact Sheet confirmed that there was a staggering 18,477 injuries on UK roads. Then there is the recent case, only miles away from our office in Lancaster, reported in the Lancaster Guardian, where a cyclist died after colliding with a large crack in the road. 
Due care and attention are essential when using the road, however, under Rules 211 and 213 of the Highway Code, extra care is required in respect of cyclists on the road. This is because cyclists can, sometimes, be difficult to see, they may also have to make sudden manoeuvres to avoid uneven road surfaces or obstacles, therefore, should be given plenty of room when overtaking. 
MG Legal, specialise in cycling accident claims. We have offices throughout Lancashire, in Preston, Longridge, Garstang, and now, in 2024, Lytham, Blackpool and offer a first class no win no fee personal injury service. 
If you are a cyclist, and have been injured in a road traffic accident, through no fault of your own. Contact MG Legal, your accident compensation solicitors, and our solicitors in Lancaster will be delighted to assist. Do not forget to enquire as to our “No Win, No Fee” arrangement and let your road accident solicitors fight your claim today. 

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