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According to a recent speech by Andrew Walker QC, the thread that binds the legal process together, the Rule of Law, (The authority and influence of law in society – the main pillar of the Rule of Law being that all members of a society, including the government, police, and any other powers, are considered equally subject to publicly disclosed legal codes and processes), is under threat as a result of cuts being made to legal aid relating to family law and those in need of their nearest solicitors dealing in criminal law. MG Legal’s team of solicitors in Preston, and many other local family law solicitors have noticed that the much of the public are unaware of the cuts, and our solicitors in Lancaster, Lancashire still receive requests for legal aid from clients on a daily basis. 
The criminal law has fared somewhat the better of the two legal spheres. After barristers went on strike in protest of the cuts to legal aid, the government has announced a £23 million pound cash injection in order to pay for barristers’ trial fees in serious criminal cases, like murder and rape. Announcing the move, Lord Chancellor David Gauke also pledged to bring forward a 1% increase on all fees to come into effect alongside the new scheme. Mr Gauke said: "Criminal defence advocates play a crucial role in upholding the rule of law, and it is vital that their pay adequately reflects the work they do in a fair and sustainable way." 
Your local family solicitors at MG Legal can confirm that they are unaware, at present of any cash injection to aid your local divorce solicitors. However, all is not lost. MG Legal’s Lancaster law firm value the rule of law, and value justice for all. With this in mind we offer fixed fees, and the option to pay legal costs in manageable, monthly instalments. So, while Mr Walker is no doubt right when he says that the cuts made to legal aid (cut by no less than 27%, apparently), will affect those needing the service of their nearest solicitors specialising in crime and family law (including divorce, child contract issues and finances), remember that MG Legal, and their team of solicitors in Lancaster, solicitors in Preston, Longridge and Garstang, are here to help. 
If you are looking for a Preston solicitors dealing in family law, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our Lancaster solicitors offer a free initial half hour conference, and are available out of hours. In times of austerity, and when the government are making cuts that could affect the rest of your life, give our offices a call on 01772 783314 (Preston), 01524 581306 (Lancaster) or 01995 602129 (Garstang) or on enquiries@mglegal.co.uk and our team of family lawyers will help put your mind at rest. 
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