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When dating sites become involved though, family lawyers, know there will be the truth, the story one side tells, the story the other side tells and then the stories that the individuals dating profiles tell! 
Let’s be honest many of us have turned up on a date to meet the tall, dark and handsome to be met with…well…something significantly different to the advert! 
In a recent court case that is making the headlines, an oil industry consultant, Marcel Kooter, aged 57 handed over £180,000.00 to Manuela Radeva, aged 37 after they met online. Family law Solicitors often deal with disputes over money but this figure caught our eye! 
Kooter, who was said to be blinded by love, handed over the money thinking that Radeva was a capital investment banker. At least that is what her Tinder profile said; along with the fact that she was single and looking for love. In reality Radeva had married another man just weeks before meeting Kooter. Oh, and did we mention, in a surprise turn of events that Radeva wasn’t an investment banker either! 
Now usually with money transferred from one account to another’s prior to separation we have the standard “was it a gift or not” discussion but in this case Radeva was careful to sign off her emails with “Capital Investments Manager” and her Tinder profile said that she worked at Citibank. At one point in the emails, Kooter had expressed nervousness at what he was doing, saying: "Just putting a large amount of money into your bank account seems a bit reckless." Radeva replied: "Don't worry about this - you can trust me completely." There were even numerous emails detailing the process of making various investment arrangements.  
Judge Victoria McCloud has now ordered Radeva to pay the rest of Kooter's court costs, a bill which could reach £100,000. The Judge said she must pay the first £50,000 by July 31 this year. The judge also ordered Radeva's £9,950 counterclaim against Kooter to be stayed and dismissed unless she applies to lift the stay. The Judge went on to say she had received a letter from Radeva "talking about her bankruptcy" and commented: "This is a bankruptcy which came on after the judgement against her."  
The Barrister acting for Kooter commenting: "Mr Kooter is very likely to be applying to set aside the bankruptcy." He added outside court: "It is a matter of public record that Ms Radeva is now bankrupt. "It is possible that if the bankruptcy is not set aside, she may get away without paying anything….Mr Kooter has an application pending to set aside the bankruptcy in the High Court." 
Lancaster Solicitors, MG Legal know that separations can be hard and when finances become involved things can become more difficult! Please always be careful. If you can’t be careful, contact, MG Legal on 01524 581 306 to discuss a financial application or via
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