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Architect's plans of a new build home, with a set of new house keys resting on top; our conveyancing solicitors in Lytham discuss new build homes and their warranty.

New Build Homes and Warranty Coverage: Understanding Your Protection 

When purchasing a new build home, one of the significant advantages is the warranty that often accompanies the property. The warranty on most new build homes serves as a safeguard against potential structural issues or defects in workmanship; providing peace of mind to property buyers in the event that there are any issues with the house during their initial 10 years of ownership. 
With more and more planning applications being made for new build properties in the Lytham area, in this blog, our Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham discuss New Build Home guarantees and warranties, and how they can impact our clients after their new build purchase completes. 

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Understanding New Build Warranties 

New build warranties, commonly known for a 10-year coverage period, are designed to protect homeowners from structural defects. The most prevalent of these warranties in the UK is provided by the National House Building Council (NHBC), covering approximately 70-80% of the new home market. 

The Structure of NHBC Warranties 

An NHBC warranty, also known as Buildmark, offers comprehensive coverage but is divided into phases: 

Builder Warranty Period (Years 0-2): 

During the initial two years following your home’s completion, the builder is responsible for fixing any construction issues that do not meet the NHBC’s standards. This period focuses primarily on workmanship and material quality. 

Structural Warranty Period (Years 3-10): 

After the initial two-year period, the warranty shifts focus to cover significant structural defects, including issues with the foundations, roofs, walls, and other critical elements. This part of the warranty does not cover non-structural defects or issues arising from normal wear and tear. 

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What’s Covered and What’s Not? 

While NHBC warranties offer protection, they have limitations. For example, they do not cover general wear and tear, damage from lack of maintenance, or issues arising from homeowner modifications. It’s also crucial to note that fixtures and fittings are typically covered only during the first two years. For a full breakdown of what is, and what isn’t covered by a NHBC warranty, have a look at their website, here

The Importance of Understanding Your Warranty 

Knowing the extent of your warranty’s coverage is essential. It ensures that you are fully aware of what issues you can report and what falls outside the warranty scope. Always review your policy documents carefully and contact NHBC or your builder if you have any doubts or questions. 

Additional Warranty Providers 

Besides NHBC, other organisations like LABC Warranty, Premier Guarantee, and others offer similar protections for new homes. Each has its own set of standards and coverage details, so it’s worth exploring these options if your home is not covered by NHBC. Generally, Developers will sign up to and offer a warranty scheme when completing your home, however, if your developer is smaller, it may be worth contacting the developer and discussing warranty arrangements before agreeing to proceed with your property purchase. After all, the warranty can help in the event that a developer goes into administration before the new homes are complete. 

Instruct MG Legal’s Conveyancing Solicitors in Lytham 

A new build warranty is an essential component of your home purchase, providing protection and reassurance that your home defects will be covered during your initial ownership. However, it is crucial to understand the specifics of your coverage and maintain your property appropriately to ensure that you remain within the terms of your warranty. Always keep detailed records of any defects and communications with your builder or warranty provider to safeguard your interests. When you have found the perfect property for you, you will need conveyancing solicitors who know the area, are highly rated, and will get you moved in, within your desired timeframe. 
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