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We’ve all been on the receiving end of a ‘cold’ call. You’ll be relaxing at home, only for your mobile telephone, or home ‘phone to ring, and it’s somebody from a call centre, asking if you’ve’ had a road traffic accident in the last 3 years’.. 
However, in contrast to previously having to opt out, by using the Telephone Preference Service, as of September of 2018, if you want to receive these kind of calls, then you must opt in, to receive them. But the question remains, when you have accident injury solicitors, and solicitors Lancaster, like MG Legal Solicitors, on your doorstep, why would you want to instruct a call centre to assist you? 
MG Legal, accident claim solicitors, offer a free half-hour consultation, home visits, and are the best road traffic accidents solicitors in the city. Other solicitors in Lancaster will not offer the same ‘hands on’ approach to your claim, and there are no other solicitors Lancaster who offer late night appointments (great for those who work long hours), or accident injury solicitors who have the rapport MG Legal solicitors have with their clients. 
Our reviews speak for themselves. So, as of September 2018, you have a choice- opt in, to pestering ‘phone calls from call centres, regarding your personal injury claim, or, if you want the best, no nonsense Lancaster solicitors (accident injury solicitors, who accept ALL personal injury claims on a NO-WIN-NO-FEE basis), then your only real choice is to contact MG Legal Solicitors. 
MG Legal - Your Local Solicitors 
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