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Our no win no fee care home negligence solicitors discuss growing concerns over the new mandate for care home staff to be vaccinated. 
From today, 11th November 2021, the new rules will be introduced making the covid 19 vaccination compulsory for all residential staff in care homes. 
Read on to learn more about the potential impact of the new mandate, and what to do if you are concerned about the safety of your loved one. 

New requirements for care home staff to be sacked under ‘no jab no job’ November 2021: 

So, how will the new rules affect the care home industry? Some leading care home bosses and managers have revealed that there might be up to 60,000 jobs lost with the introduction of the ‘no jab no job’ requirements. 
It is thought that around 1 out of 5 care home staff in Nottingham, Manchester, and Birmingham are yet to be double vaccinated in compliance with the new rules. 

Families worried over how ‘no jab no job’ will impact their loved ones’ care: 

With the new regulations mandating care home staff to be double jabbed, many families with loved ones living in care homes up and down the nation have obvious concerns over how this might impact the care homes and the quality of care. 
It was reported earlier this week that care home providers are already suffering from care home staff shortages, with one provider reporting that they have had 8 care homes have to close in the past 5 months because of staff shortages. 

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Care home staff shortages: 

These reports are worrying to many regarding care home negligence, with concerns over large-scale staff shortages coming from care home managers across the nation. 
With staff shortages comes the risk of not enough staff being on hand to care for care home residents properly, as well as rushed and inadequate training of new staff. 
Both of these things are commonly associated with care home negligence, and our care home negligence solicitors are well aware that many instances of negligent care leading to the injury or illness of residents occur in these ways. 
With significantly less staff onboard, care home residents could well suffer from a reduced standard of care, which may fall below that that is expected for the vulnerable residents. In worst-case scenarios, this could lead to negligent care of residents, and unnecessary personal injury or illnesses, such as medication errors or pressure sores. 
On the other hand, the desperate flurry to hire new staff in time to avoid this situation leads to further concerns over the standard of training that new staff could be receiving. Without the correct training in how to properly and safely care for all of the residents’ needs, new care home staff could easily make mistakes leading to care home negligence. 
There is also the further element that remaining staff will have the extra strain and burden of losing the help of their colleagues, leading to burnout of remaining care home staff, and once again a reduced standard of care for care home residents. 

How to take legal action against a care home 2021: 

If you believe that your relative or loved one’s injury or illness has been caused by care home neglect, you could be eligible to take legal action against the care home through a care home negligence claim with our specialist no win no fee solicitors. 
Here at MG Legal, we know that nobody deserves to be subject to negligent care or treatment when being looked after in a care home. If you, or your relative, have been injured in any way due to the negligent actions of care home staff, then you are not alone, and many just like you have successfully won care home negligence claims for financial compensation for the injuries and suffering of the victims. 
To learn more about care home negligence, and how to make a care home negligence claim, you can see our full page dedicated to these claims on our website, here. 
Or, to speak to a no win no fee solicitor on a free, confidential basis about making a care home negligence claim, simply contact us online, here, or give us a call on 01772 783314. MG Legal- no win no fee solicitors. 

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