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Our cancer misdiagnosis solicitors discuss the worrying delays in urgent cancer referrals within the NHS, and how to make a no win no fee delayed cancer diagnosis claim. 
In recent weeks, the National Audit Office has revealed that, during the covid-19 pandemic, as many as 740,000 urgent referrals for cancer were missed by GPs and not acted on. 
This news has shocked our medical negligence solicitors, and medics have spoken out about the situation being the ‘biggest cancer catastrophe ever to hit the NHS’. And unfortunately, it looks like the situation is far from over, with the effects of many missed appointments and tests still to be felt. 

How many NHS cancer tests were missed during the pandemic? 

While the reports from the NAO are shocking, the specifics are not 100% clear. It has been estimated that anywhere between 240,000 and 740,000 urgent GP referrals for suspected cancers were ‘missing’, and did not take place. Further, the number of people who began cancer treatment during the following year was between 35,000 and 60,000 fewer than usually expected. 

What will be the effects of cancer treatment delays within the NHS? 

Perhaps more worrying that the previously mentioned statistics, is the suggestion that by March 2025, there could be 12 million people included in the backlog of care under the NHS, which equates to around one in every five people. 
Our medical negligence solicitors have recently discussed the worrying effects of cancer misdiagnosis, and how important it is for NHS working practices to improve in their handling of cancer diagnosis and referrals to diagnostic tests. See more on this blog post, here
It is unsure at this point how the government will react to the developing situation, and whether measures will be put in place in order to limit the extent of the outcome on patient care. Still, they are yet to make a statement about these worrying findings. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading medical negligence solicitors in Preston accept all medical negligence claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
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What constitutes negligence in cancer misdiagnosis claims: 

If you are looking to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim, and are unsure as to whether your treatment constituted medical negligence, cancer misdiagnosis, or a delayed cancer misdiagnosis, you might be wondering what constitutes negligence in a cancer diagnosis claim
If, as part of your treatment and diagnosis, your doctor or medical professional has failed to do one of the following things, you might be eligible to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim
Carry out an adequate examination of your symptoms 
Refer you for the relevant tests and checks 
Carry out an adequate examination 
Conduct the necessary scans or biopsies 
Send you for specialist cancer treatment or to a specialist doctor 
Diagnose cancer despite indications from symptoms and test results 
Organise relevant follow-up care 
Organise relevant follow-up care 
Provided incorrect/unnecessary treatment for your condition 
If you have experienced any of the things mentioned above, you could be eligible to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim with our specialist no win no fee solicitors. Simply contact us online here to discuss your potential cancer misdiagnosis claim on a free, no-obligation basis. 

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Here at MG Legal, our team of medical negligence solicitors instruct the best medical professionals to help us obtain evidence, and win, your cancer misdiagnosis claim. Why choose MG Legal’s no win no fee solicitors? Because your claim for compensation is important to all of us here, and we want to work hard to get you the maximum compensation possible for your cancer misdiagnosis claim. 
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