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Our expert team of personal injury solicitors discuss the important updates to ‘Mixed Injury’ road traffic claims. 
Insurers and claimant groups are coming together to form a cross-sector working group to gain more clarity on mixed injury claims. They will develop test cases to take to the Court of Appeals in which the victim has obtained both whiplash injuries and other injuries from a road traffic accident. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) have announced the working group confirmed the formation of the working group, confirming that, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, The Association of British Insurers, and the Motor Accident Solicitors Society will all also be a part of the group. They clarified that these specific hybrid claims emerging from road traffic accidents as neither the Civil Liability Act nor the Regulations clearly address how they will be valued in light of the new reforms. 
This comes after uncertainty that arose from the new whiplash reforms regarding hybrid personal injury claims. The new reforms have left whiplash injury claims subject to fixed tariffs, while other injuries are not. The newly formed working group will aim to use their test cases to form some kind of framework from the courts as to how these cases should be handled. In this post, our expert personal injury solicitors specialising in road traffic accidents will run through what this could mean for mixed injury claims, and how the new whiplash reforms could affect your claim. 

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What is a 'mixed injury' personal injury claim? 

In personal injury claims involving road traffic accidents, there are a huge number of injuries that victims can occur. Due to the impact of road traffic collisions, many people suffer from muscle, ligament, or tendon injuries which are more commonly known as whiplash. This generally occurs when a person’s head suddenly moves or jolts backwards and then forwards with significant force. 
While whiplash-related injuries are the most common kind of injuries that people suffer after road traffic accidents, there are many others. It is common for both drivers and front-seat passengers to hit their legs and knees on the under-side of the dashboard, and many passengers also obtain serious cuts, and even scars, from loose objects in the car or broken glass from the car window itself. These people may have also incurred whiplash injuries from their collision, but the two are entirely separate injuries caused by different things. This is considered to be a ‘mixed injury’ personal injury claim, and here at MG Legal we have represented, and won financial compensation on behalf of, hundreds of clients who have made mixed injury claims for their road traffic accidents. 

What are the new rules for whiplash claims, and how could they affect my claim? 

As of 31 May 2021, new regulations have been put into place regarding the process for low-value injuries in road traffic accidents. They have changed the amount of compensation available for some road traffic accident claims, but DO NOT affect in any way claims being made by vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders
For a full and comprehensive overview of the new reforms, and to establish more clearly if they could have an effect on you or your personal injury claim, read on here. 

How can MG Legal help with my road traffic accident personal injury claim? 

Here at MG Legal, our expert team of personal injury solicitors are closely following any updates that happen with the new working group for mixed injury claims, and will be the first to know of any information that they release regarding their findings on how the test cases go. Our team have over thirty years of experience, and are perfectly versed in all aspects of road traffic injury claims. 
If you have been injured in a road traffic injury claim in the last three years, and are unsure whether or not you have a claim, or which type of claim to make, get in touch with our expert road traffic accident solicitors today. 
When you first contact MG Legal to enquire about making a personal injury claim, our specialist solicitors will listen to you, and immediately advise if we can help you, and how we will help you. All of the personal injury claims that MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors accept, will be accepted subject to a No Win No Fee agreement, and our personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99% for all of the personal injury and medical negligence claims. Browse our website, read our reviews, and see our success. 

How can I contact MG Legal about my personal injury claim? 

You can contact our expert team online, here, or from 9am to 5pm in our Lancaster, Longridge, or Garstang offices for Preston and surrounding areas. 
If it’s outside of Office hours, contact our team via email to and a member of our expert team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your enquiry. 
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