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With Christmas looming over us (there’s really no escaping it now), most people are thinking about spending the festive period with their friends and family, shopping until they drop, and having some much needed down-time. If you’re anything like our team of property solicitors, your Christmas feast will most likely be high-up on the agenda, too! 
Sadly, for some families, Christmas is a less-than-happy time, during which they face near-constant dispute over the care of their child, and who should get to see who over the holiday period. 
That’s where our team of family solicitors in Lancaster can help. Our team have over 15 years’ experience dealing with child contact disputes, especially those that centre around care for the children over the holidays, including Christmas. 

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First things first, our team always attempt to resolve matters as amicably as possible, and we would always suggest trying to talk to the other parent as soon as you can. Sometimes, just sitting down together, and trying to have a calm, adult conversation, can make the world of difference. 
If, however, this doesn’t work, or for whatever reason, you really can’t just sit down together, then the next step may be to look at the possibility of attending mediation, before you make any legal contact whatsoever. Not only could this help, but in order to make an application to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order, you will need to provide the Court with a Certificate, signed by the mediator, to prove that you have at least attempted mediation, even if the other party refused to attend or get involved. 
In some cases, there may be a reason preventing you from attending mediation, such as your own safety. In which case, our team of family solicitors in Lancaster can discuss ways to complete your Court application to show why you cannot attend mediation. 
So, you’ve tried to talk: pointless. You’ve now tried mediation: again, futile. How can our family law experts help? 
Well, once you’ve arranged your initial consultation with the team, we will be able to discuss the options available to you, and how you can try and get contact in place before Christmas starts. Sadly, many of our clients approach us the week before Christmas starts, and expect to be seeing their children on Christmas day. In the majority of cases, this isn’t the case. Family Law Child Contact proceedings can take months to resolve, and you should be prepared to deal with this matter, as a priority, for a period of time, unless you and the other parent can reach an amicable agreement prior to this. 
Once we’ve advised you on your available options, we will need you to confirm how you wish to proceed, and then we can get the ball rolling. The facts are simple though- the sooner you instruct a solicitor specialising in family law and child contact matters, the sooner the wheels are in motion, and matters relating to child contact resolved. 
Whether we need to draft the Court application, or you want to try writing to the other parent first, our team will be proactive, and will deal with your matter quickly, and efficiently on your behalf. 
Whilst we can’t promise contact by Christmas, our team will do everything they can to get you the contact that you deserve as quickly as possible. 
If you’re in need of assistance, contact our expert family law solicitors today at your local office, or email
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