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Power of Attorney.
As private client Solicitors in Longridge, who frequently deal with preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney, on behalf of our Longridge, Garstang and Lancaster clients (and, quite often, clients further afield), we’re often asked how many Attorneys our clients can appoint in their Lasting Powers of Attorney. 
The short answer is that there’s no limit on the number of Attorneys that you can appoint. You are also able to appoint replacement Attorneys, who can step in if one of the original Attorneys becomes unable or unwilling to act. 
However, like with all things in life, there are more things to consider if you’re thinking of only appointing the one Attorney; read our team of Solicitors in Longridge’s blog below, to find out more information. 

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What is an Attorney in a Lasting Power of Attorney? 

An Attorney is somebody (or people) that you appoint to deal with your affairs on your behalf, either when you instruct them to (an option on the Financial Decisions Lasting Power of Attorney), or when you no longer have capacity (both Financial Decisions Lasting Power of Attorney and Health & Welfare Decisions Lasting Power of Attorney). 
This could be whoever you choose: a friend, a family member, or a professional, but it should be someone that you trust. 

What information will I need about my Attorneys for my Lasting Power of Attorney? 

You will need to provide your Attorney’s full names, their date of birth and their full address. If you have the information, you can provide an email address so that they can be contact by email. 

Can I appoint only one Attorney? 

Our Solicitors in Longridge would explain that, whilst you can appoint only one Attorney, it’s advisable, in most cases, to appoint more than one. 
For example, you may choose to appoint only your friend as the sole Attorney. If anything were to happen to your friend, for example they were unable to act or unwilling to act, and you have no one else appointed as Attorney or a replacement, you may find that your Lasting Power of Attorney is invalidated. 
To avoid this, it’s best to appoint at least one initial Attorney, and – in most cases – one or more replacement Attorneys. 
There’s no limit on how many Attorneys you can appoint, but obviously if there’s too many, the expression “too many chefs in one kitchen” might come to mind! 

Can my Solicitors in Longridge draft my Lasting Powers of Attorney? 

Yes, we can! As your local Solicitors in Longridge, we offer fixed-fees on our Lasting Power of Attorney drafting services. 
One Lasting Power of Attorney is just £200.00 plus VAT, and for two there is a slight discount offered so our fees are just £375.00 plus VAT! The VAT rate is currently 20%, so you would pay either £240.00 or £450.00*, depending if you decide to do one or two! 
There is also a registration fee payable of £82.00 per document, unless you qualify for a fee remission or exemption, which our team can discuss with you during your initial appointment. 
*Prices correct at time of posting. 

How do I get the ball rolling? 

You can fill out our online form and a member of the team of Solicitors in Longridge will give you a call back to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, contact our office directly on 01772 783 314 and ask to speak to Lorraine Gill or Hope Jordan, who can assist you. 
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