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Yesterday the Land Registry released a statement to advise how they were currently coping with the impact of Coronavirus with the good news being that that they have confirmed that they are operating as close to normal as possible, with information services, official copies, and official searches not having been affected. 
That said the Land Registry have confirmed that bankruptcy searches, land charges searches, Map Search, official searches of the index map, official searches of part and of whole do have some disruption. 
Unfortunately, those waiting for first registration, new leases, transfers of part and applications to update the register will be waiting for some time, with the Land Registry confirming significant delay with these applications. The good news is that you can use the “Contact Us” form to request that they expedite the application if the delay is holding up a subsequent transaction. Unfortunately, the Customer Support Centre is not currently answering telephone calls so you will need to contact the Land Registry online if you want an update. 
Whilst our Property Solicitors in Lancaster are still working hard, some Solicitors in Preston have been furloughed which is causing worry for those concerned that their application may be cancelled and the process having the need to begin again. Those concerns about this are being assured not to worry with the Land Registry confirming that all cancellation dates have been extended until further notice. 

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Our Property Solicitors have already confirmed that the Land Registry have made temporary changes to identity verification with the Mercury Signing approach also being accepted. 
Finally, the Land Registry have also changed their practice to allow Land Charges applications to be made via email. 
It is clear that post-completion matters are for the time being, going to take much longer to be dealt with. It is however, always nice to finish with some good news. The good news in this instance, is that this should not delay how quickly you can proceed to a completion! If you want to get moving quickly with your transaction contact us now for your personalised quote via or by calling 01995 602 129. 
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