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As a younger driver, I’m constantly hearing things about what I should and shouldn’t do in my car: don’t run the aircon for too long, don’t leave the windows open during the day, or even, don’t park facing the sun. Whilst I’m sure some of tips are very helpful, some of them definitely have to be taken with a pinch of salt. 
But, are some tips more than just a myth? 
A common rumour, which circulates just about every heatwave the UK, is that you shouldn’t fill your car petrol up to full. I understand the concept of why people would believe this (fumes evaporating and the tank expanding in the heat doesn’t sound too far-fetched, right?), but experts have apparently confirmed that there’s no danger of anything turning un-toward, as cars are designed to cope with the heat in the tanks. 
It’s commonly thought that your car tyres can be dangerous if filled with air when it’s too hot, it’s actually the case that the rubber car tyres can disintegrate when the weather is too hot, especially if the tyre pressure is incorrect. The heat causes the tyres to dry out, which can lead to a blow-out. In fact, according to a statistic published in The Sun, driving on under-inflated tyres can increase the chances of a blow-out happening by 60%. For 20 pence per minute worth of air at some garages, is it worth not filling them up? 
It seems obvious, and I’m sure it’s not a myth, but you need to make sure that your car has coolant in it. Without, your car could overheat and stop working (as well as having other complications, I presume, which are outside my area of expertise, although our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Garstang are car enthusiasts and could probably tell you a thing or two about what could happen!). 
So, whether you’re not a car expert, much like me, or you know more about cars than the average joe – much like our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Garstang – or even if you’re a mechanic, make sure to look after your car in the summer months and don’t always listen to the rumours you hear! 
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