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Do I need to instruct a Solicitor to sell or buy a property? 

Now obviously, I am not going to waste time telling you how amazing MG Legal’s Property Lawyers are. What I will tell you though is, please(!), instruct a reliable local property Solicitor. Even though you may get a cheaper deal elsewhere, you need to ensure that your Solicitor is not holding the transaction up. It is common for a lot of online conveyancers to have too many files so they don’t have the time to dedicate to your transaction. Instead of choosing a firm where there are many unqualified employees working on your file, Find a firm, like MG Legal *hint hint* who pride themselves on Client Care, who ensure transactions are moving quickly whilst maintaining an excellent standard and service. 

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What should I look at when I view a property? 

• Know the property you are buying 
• When you attend the viewing take a notepad and pen – write down any concerns 
• Pay attention to walls, doors, lintels and windows – look for cracks or damps 
• Check the roof tiles are in order and that the walls/bricks are in line 
• Research the local area 

What should I do if am selling a property? 

• Ensure you complete the property information form and fixtures and fittings form as accurately and correctly as possible. If something is incorrect or misleading this could add lengthy delays. 
• Choose a reliable Buyer – ask as many questions of the buyer as you possibly can before agreeing to the offer; such as their current position, will they have to sell a property to buy yours? Do they have a mortgage offer? Did they come across as reliable honest people at the viewing? 
• Fully instruct your local property Solicitor – if you can’t move out for 6 months tell your Solicitor 
• Provide as many documents in relation to any alterations or extensions that you hold at the start of the transaction. If you know you don’t have planning consent, apply for retrospective consent where possible. 
• When selling a Leasehold contact the Management Company or the Freeholder to advise them that you are selling and ask them if they have any pre-sale requirements. 

What should I do if I am buying a property? 

• Check your finances first, have you covered all costs? Can you pay the estate agents fees, Solicitors fees, survey fees, additional searches, early repayment fees to redeem any existing mortgages or payments needed to break a tenancy agreement, stamp duty…all these things add up! 
• If you are in rented accommodation leave enough time to give notice on your rental 
• If you have a lifetime ISA or Help to Buy ISA ensure that you tell your Solicitor at the start of the property 
• The title of the property you hope to purchase or the searches could reveal something drastic! Your Property Lawyer will send you a report about this, ensure that you read it, and then read it again and then ask any questions that you may have. You don’t want to be sat on your roof avoiding the floods every time it rains! 
In short to make buying or selling your home easier contact MG Legal, Solicitors in Garstang either via or call 01995 602 129! 
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