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There is so much to do when you’re moving house, the main one being to find your dream home. But, once you’ve managed that, the next bit is also a big one: choosing the right conveyancing solicitor! 
Conveyancing solicitors are the people who deal with your property sale or purchase, from the very start (right after you’ve accepted an offer, or your offer has been accepted) to right at the very end (to the day you pick up the keys and beyond, to the day your property registration has been finalised). 
So, how do you pick the right conveyancing solicitor for you? 

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Well, our conveyancing solicitors in Preston have put together a list of useful things to consider when making your choice:- 
#1 Location, Location, Location (to quote Channel 4) 
It’s all about their location. Some conveyer-belt style firms will try and convince you that they can deal with your conveyance from the Outer Hebrides, whilst you’re buying a property in Preston or Lancaster. Whilst this isn’t impossible, our team of conveyancing solicitors in Preston would recommend going to your local solicitors. If you’re in Longridge, Preston, Garstang, Lancaster, or any of the surrounding areas, we would suggest obtaining a quote from your local solicitors, MG Legal. Our team can be contacted here. We also do home appointments too! 
#2 Understand what the fees will be 
Conveyancing solicitor’s quotes come in all shapes and sizes – all crammed into one space, some without a full list of what you will have to pay (commonly known as hidden charges) and some sporting a whole host of legal jargon that even our expert team of conveyancing solicitors in Preston often find to be unnecessary. 
At MG Legal, our fees are always fixed, and we pride ourselves on having no hidden charges. Our fixed fees for sales and purchases start at £295.00 plus VAT, and you can find a list of all the disbursements that you will need to pay, on our blog here. 
When you request a quote from our team of conveyancing solicitors in Preston, we can email you a full quote across for your records, too. 
#3 Obtain more than one quote 
We know if seems obvious, but just because your estate agent recommends a certain solicitors, it DOES NOT mean that you have to use their services! It can seem like the easiest thing to do, but our team of conveyancing solicitors in Preston would warn you that – from our client’s tales – this is NOT always the best option. 
Make sure that your quotes are like-for-like, and that you query any fees not included on one quote with the firm, to check that the fees aren’t hidden (or, in some cases, not just forgotten). 
#4 Make sure you’re upfront 
If you tell all the solicitors you obtain quotes from that you’re buying a piece of land for £5,000.00, and it turns out that you’re buying a mansion for £1,500,000.00, don’t be surprised if the legal fees increase. Just because you have received a fixed-fee quote, it’s based on the circumstances at the time of being given the quote so, in short, whatever you tell your conveyancing solicitors in Preston. 
Make sure you’re upfront, and provide as much information as possible so the quote you get is accurate. 
#5 Develop a relationship 
Have a chat with your conveyancing solicitors in Preston. They’re real people, and they will appreciate being able to chat about your holiday or your new house. Get to know the people who will be dealing with your property sale or purchase. If you’re trying to get to know our team of conveyancing solicitors in Preston, read our profiles here, or give us a call on 01772 783314. 
So, if you’re in need of a quote, fill out our online form here, or email us at
Our team don’t bite – contact Sarah, Hope or Chloe today to start getting to know us! 
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