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A 2019 survey by a Case Generation Company, MMA Digital, has revealed the ways people prefer to find and communicate with their Solicitor. MG Legal, your Solicitors in Lancaster, as a relatively young firm wish to ensure all of our client’s are being dealt with as they prefer, whilst ensuring that they receive the proper level of service required in their important case. 
At the turn of the millennium, the process was very much as it had been for decades prior, with people making an appointment to sit in front of their chosen Solicitor, to discuss their case and then to exchange letters via Royal Mail with more appointments to follow depending on how the case went. Mobile telephones were only just becoming affordable and call costs were still prohibitive – today’s unlimited minutes for a few pounds per month were still a long way off. 
Now, with modern era communication and access to the internet for the vast majority of the country, people have more freedom to choose their solicitor and to communicate via many more channels. 83% of people surveyed said they would prefer to deal with their Solicitor by email or online as this would expedite matters and where costs are being billed hourly, keeping those costs to a minimum. 

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What is different? 

Email, video chat, text messaging, online drop-boxes and a wider array of ways to verify identities have enabled firms of Solicitors to deal with cases on a Nationwide level. It is no problem for someone living in, say, London to deal with a Solicitor in Lancaster because their identity can be verified more easily using various cheap local services including the Post Office and communication is easy from anywhere in the world. It is also far easier to check an email whilst on the move, meaning there is no need to wait to get home, open some post, check, sign and post back. 
It is also much easier for prospective clients to view a firm’s website, read biographies of the staff there and to get a ‘feel’ for the person they will deal with. MG Legal, your Solicitors in Lancaster, have tried to make our website accessible and easy to use, whilst showcasing our staff and our skills. We know, ultimately, that only having the experience of our top-notch service can prove that we are as good as we say we are. 

Online reviews make their mark 

It is now almost obligatory for every type of business to have a page of Google, Facebook or Twitter, not to mention any websites specific to their industry. All of these media have their own way of scoring and displaying feedback, making it easier to uncover that the big Solicitor’s firm with the flashy website is actually a conveyor belt sweat shop with no Client Care skills and a history of taking twice as long as the next firm to conclude your case. 
Detailed feedback can also be reviewed, showing how previous clients have felt about the firm and often about the person who would handle your case if you instructed the firm. Testimonials can highlight particularly impressive talents on offer at a firm and can instil a confidence in a firm before contact has been made. 
The survey by MMA found that 58% of people would view online feedback before selecting their Solicitor. 
Online and mobile contact is now preferred but it will never fully replace face-to-face contact. 
83% of people stated they would prefer to deal primarily by electronic means, however, 55% said they still wanted to meet their Solicitor face-to-face during their case and only 29% wanting telephone contact. 
Depending on the matter we are dealing with, it may be possible to deal with an entire case without a single face-to-face meeting. However, there are some things that can only be done in person, whether because of a Legal requirement such as giving advice and having signatures on certain Deeds or Agreements, or because we need to see you to assess something like the recovery from an injury. 
With, say, an injury which restricts movement, or which has resulted in scarring, videos and pictures can do a lot but only when we meet with out client can we see the full extent of the injury. The same is true of more complex cases or when discussing the finer points or a settlement where it is necessary for us all to gather round a table and discuss the case, using various documents and reference material that would simply not be viable otherwise. 
It is also the case that a face-to-face meeting generally allows our clients to fully appreciate our confidence in the advice we are giving, as well as giving us the chance to understand exactly how a client has been affected. 

Price can be the deciding factor 

We all love a bargain and of course, we all have limited amounts of money so if there is no clear winner, price will be the deciding factor. 
A similar study by IRN Research found that around 75% of people would at least be influenced by price. 
At MG Legal, your Solicitors in Lancaster, we aim to strike the right balance between personable and professional, as we appreciate our clients must have faith in us but, at the same time, we want to be approachable, unlike some ‘old-school’ Solicitors who can have something of a condescending air about them. 
We also ensure that our prices are competitive and that once a client has asked for a quote, or information about our billing, we provide a clear and concise answer, backed up in our comprehensive Client Care Letters. Nobody likes an unexpected bill and we do our level best to ensure that clients know exactly how much our fees will be and when they are required to be paid. We also encourage our clients to get in touch at any stage of their case to ask any questions – there is nothing worse than sitting at home with a nagging doubt about something at the back of your mind. Simply call us, ask the question and we give you the same, straight answer we would expect if the situation was reversed. 

Being treated as we would wish to be treated ourselves 

This is one of the guiding principles of MG Legal, your Solicitors in Lancaster, as we are only human ourselves. We need experts in other fields to service our cars, fix our plumbing and give us financial advice. We will, at all times, do our utmost to treat you, our clients, as we would want to be treated when we are the client. 

How can I instruct MG Legal? 

As the research above has proven, client’s like to get in touch in different ways. Please feel free to call, email, use our web-contact form or come to one of the offices in Lancaster, Longridge and Garstang and we will put you in touch with the right department. We aim to have a quote or a Client Care Letter out to you the same day so that you know where you stand and so that we can hit the ground running in whatever matter you need expert legal advice. Get in touch with MG Legal and we will show you why we have such good reviews. 
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