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MG Legal, were surprised to read that Senior lawyers are urging members of the judiciary to learn how to interpret emojis. Whilst your local divorce solicitors know that many of you understand that emoji’s are the little symbols commonly used when texting which depict smiling faces, animals, food and the weather, to a typical high court Judge the use of such symbols can be somewhat confusing. 
Nevertheless, more and more cases are coming to light within family law, criminal law and employment law which feature the digital images. Your local divorce solicitors, MG Legal note that Felicity Gerry QC has recently gone on record stating that a “legal emoji primer is a good idea for both science and law” going to state that the Supreme Court should lead the way in finding a unified judicial approach to the images. The image of the aubergine instantly springs to mind as having sexual connotations and Judges commonly have to deal with new challenges due to technological advances. 
It is noted that if a particular trial hinges on what an emoji should be interpreted as meaning, then there could be a need for expert evidence as to what a particular piece of data communication means, rather than guess work, and in a family law trial this could mean additional expense for the parties involved. 
A Children Law expert, Natasha Phillips stated that “Emoji use within evidence is becoming more and more frequent as technology embraces new ways of communicating so courts will have to find a way to adapt”. 
Most notably Mr Justice Peter Jackson included an emoji in a contact ruling for two children who were aged 10 and 12. The Judge wanted his Judgement to be easily understood for the children! 
So as its Friday night, if I could I would be signing off with an excited face and a large glass of wine emoji…I’ll let you interpret that as you see fit! 
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