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A new report states that as many as 160,000 patients each year could suffer harm due to long waits and delays outside A&E. 

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The damming NHS report was leaked to The Independent earlier this month, and was based on a study carried out across England. Still, the effect is not exclusive to England, with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service warning that their ambulance waiting times have trebled as they face the highest COVID infection rates in the UK. 
Our medical negligence solicitors share the concerns of many over these reports, and the shocking stories that come with them of patients losing their lives while waiting for an ambulance, and patients needing serious treatment being turned away from hospital because of overrun A&E departments. 
However, our medical negligence solicitors also recognise that this is part of a systemic problem within our healthcare system, with the report by the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives claiming that ‘unacceptable levels of preventable harm are being caused to patients’, and that this was largely to do with a lack of staff to meet rising demands in patient needs. 

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What is medical negligence? 

Medical negligence occurs when a medical professional makes a mistakes, or acts negligently, in a way which breaks their duty of care to you as a patient and causes you injury or illness. This can cover a huge variety of medical mistakes, ranging from a medical misdiagnosis, to serious surgical errors, to being sent home from hospital too early. 
While many think of medical negligence as being serious mistakes by doctors and medical specialists, anybody working within the NHS and healthcare system, from the receptionist, to the triage nurse, to the discharge nurse. For a full overview of the duty of care that we are owed by medical professionals, and what can be considered medical negligence, see this here. 
Or, for a full overview of the different types of medical negligence claims, how they work, and what can claimed for, see this here. 

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From inadequate training of paramedic medical staff, to prescription errors by pharmacists, to hospital-acquired infections, many of the medical mistakes that take place in hospitals can be attributed to medical negligence. With the ever-growing hustle and bustle of urgent care and emergency departments, our medical negligence solicitors know of the dangers of negligent care in A&E, and the injury and illness that this medical negligence can lead to. 
If you have received negligent medical care from a paramedic first-responder, to an A&E doctor, you could be eligible to make a no win no fee medical negligence claim for financial compensation. No matter how big or small your hospital negligence claim is, our expert solicitors are here to help you get the financial compensation that you deserve.  Our team accepts all of our medical negligence claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
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