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Two white cats, with a grey poodle-type dog, and a corgi, all sat together; our Wills Solicitors in Preston discuss gifts in Wills to charity, such as the RSPCA.
As part of starting an open discussion about how you can donate to charity in your Will, our Wills Solicitors in Preston are starting a mini-series, where they focus on a different charity in every blog, explaining what the charity does, and how you can make a difference with a donation in your Will. Now, it’s important to note that in no way do you have to, or do our Wills Solicitors believe you should, donate in your Will; every person’s circumstances are different, and a donation should be a personal decision, based on what works for you and your Will. 
However, our Wills Solicitors find that it can be helpful to have information about a charity, and what they may do with your money, if you decide to donate in your Will. 
Starting the series off this week we have a local animal charity, Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Preston & District Branch (“RSPCA”). Firstly, the important information our Wills Solicitors in Preston will need for your Will is the full charity name, charity number, and registered address, which can all be found on the Register of Charities, here

What does RSPCA Preston do? 

The RSPCA works with animals in the Preston and District area. RSPCA’s focus is on abandoned, neglected, or abused animals, nursing them back to health, rehabilitating them, and helping to find their forever homes. The Charity looks after the common household pets, dogs and cats. 
A dog, and a puppy, running next to each other, the big dog carrying a large stick; our Wills Solicitors in Preston discuss the RSPCA and legacies in Wills.

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How do donations to RSPCA help? 

The RSPCA accepts cash donations, or even donations of much needed items, such as pet food, bedding, towels, toys, enrichment activities, and sometimes even one-off donations, such as a time in 2023 when their washing machine broke, leaving their very-large washing pile getting bigger and bigger. 
RSPCA’s funding helps towards staffing costs, caring for the animals, veterinary treatments, rehoming costs, among others. 

How much in donations do RSPCA receive? 

For the year ending 31st December 2022, according to the Charity Register, the income received by RSPCA from donations and legacies – being gifts left under someone’s Will- was £437.27k, which was 61% of their total income of £713.33k. Of the £437.27k, £293.32k comes from legacies. This comprises 41% of RSPCA’s income. 
Considering how much of RSPCA’s funding comes from legacies, leaving them even a ‘nominal’ gift can help. 
In the experience of our Wills Solicitors in Preston, we see clients making charitable gifts in their Wills of £50, as a way of honouring their love of animals- or other such charities- during their lifetime, to people leaving a share, or even the whole, of their estate to charity or charities, honouring various causes close to their hearts after their deaths. 

What other ways can I help the RSPCA? 

If you’re not looking to donate to the RSPCA in your Will, but you would like to help, the RSPCA are always looking for support. You can visit their shops, one of which is based just around the corner from our Wills Solicitors in Preston on Berry Lane, Longridge, you can volunteer with them, you can make a cash donation- or a donation of other needed items- during your lifetime, or you can support them by fostering or adopting a pet through them. 
Find out more information on their website, here

How can our Wills Solicitors in Preston help with charitable donations? 

Our Wills Solicitors are experienced in preparing Wills including charitable gifts, ensuring the correct wording is used, as well as the recommended charitable gift clauses, to ensure that the gift you wish to make does not fail. Such clauses can include a provision that if the charity or charities do not exist at your death, the funds can be paid to another such charity as has the same principles and aims as the original charity. This can be useful in cases where a charity amalgamates with another, or even changes their name and charity number, during your lifetime, so you do not have to go to the expense of updating your Will. 

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Our Wills Solicitor is Naomi, who has been qualified for over 35 years, with our Hope due to finishing her training- after 10 years’ of gaining experience whilst studying- in just a few short months. Both Naomi and Hope are well-versed in including charitable gifts in Wills, and can advise you on the pros of doing so. 

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