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Two large cranes; our Fall from Height Compensation claim solicitors discuss No Win No Fee injury compensation claims.
If you are injured in the workplace, the injuries you sustain can be life-changing, causing you to be unable to work, perhaps ever, altering the way you live your life. In this article, our No Win No Fee Solicitors discuss Fall From Height Compensation claims, and when you may be entitled to make one. 

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Falls from Height in Theatre 

When you think of workplace accidents, many people think of the most dangerous workplaces, such as builders, or those who operate heavy machinery as part of their day-to-day role. However, there are dangers in most workplaces which, if not protected properly and correctly under the Health and Safety Regulations, may lead to unnecessary injuries for employees. 
One recent decision, published by the Health and Safety Executive, who are responsible for enforcing Health & Safety laws in England and Wales, sets out how Russell Bowry, a self-employed rigger who worked for ELP Broadcast and Events Ltd (“ELP”), was employed to help as part of an assembly team for a project requiring the building of a rehearsal stage. Sadly, Mr Bowry fell from the roof of the cube structure, landing on the floor 10m below. Despite initially being taken to hospital, Mr Bowry died only three days later from his injuries. 
Due to the failings of ELP in having adequate supervision and safe systems of work, Mr Bowry died, and was fined £16,000 and ordered to pay costs of £2,968.70 in respect of the sad accident. Read more from HSE’s website, here
Whilst our No Win No Fee Solicitors welcome the decision of HSE in enforcing unsafe working practices, Mr Bowry’s death still comes at a price for his loved ones. Our solicitors specialise in no win no fee claims, including falls from height, and accidents at work, and are regularly instructed by the family of an injured, or even deceased relative, to see personal injury compensation. Our no win no fee solicitors have a success rate of over 99%, and an unparalleled fee structure, meaning our clients receive more of the personal injury compensation, they rightly deserve. 

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Falls from Height in Construction 

A common workplace that our No Win No Fee Solicitors deal with injuries from is that of a construction site. It’s sadly not uncommon to see an employee injured during their work on a construction site, due to equipment being unsafe or falls from height. 
Statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show just over half (51%) of all construction fatalities in 2022/23 were falls from height. Of the total 135 workers killed in work-related accidents in 2022/23 reported by HSE, 45 were in construction. 
Another recent case reported on by HSE is that of Marcel Botnaru and Radu Baracu, who were both injured when the cradle they were working in fell from level nine of the Pennington Street building in London. After investigation, the HSE found that the support beams- intended to prevent the cradle from falling- had been fitted with the wrong sized end stops, leading to it rolling off the end, and falling to the ground below. HSE apportioned the blame between two companies, who they say were responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the beam, which meant that there were two opportunities to spot and rectify the defect. 
Fortunately, in this case, Mr Botnaru and Mr Baracu both escaped life-threatening injuries, and no doubt have been fully advised of their rights to make a Fall from Height Compensation Claim in respect of their injuries. Read more about the case, here

Falls from Height in Crane Assembly 

HSE have, in recent years, investigated a case where two employees of Osprey Heavy Lift Limited, where injured at a site in Port of Blyth, Northumberland, when the crane they were assembling collapsed, leading to them falling and sustaining injuries, including eye-socket injury, fractured ribs, and an injured wrist. 
HSE found that Osprey failed to plan the lift assembly correctly, so unsuitable lifting accessories were used, leading to the accident. Osprey were fined £24,000 and ordered to pay costs of £9,136. 
Another fortunate case where both men escaped with their lives and, all things considered, not life-threatening injuries, however, it is another prime example of why it is so important for companies to ensure that the correct Health and Safety legislation and guidance is followed when employees may be working from height. Read the full case, here

Fall from Height Compensation Claims from No Win No Fee Solicitors 

When you, or a family member, have been injured at work, you need a local no win no fee solicitor that will work for you. At MG Legal, our No Win No Fee Solicitors are specialists in Fall from Height Compensation Claims, and we settle hundreds of no win no fee accident at work claims, every year. If you have been injured in your workplace, sustaining injuries due to a fall from height, contact our team to discuss making a claim for compensation. 
All of our compensation claims are accepted on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning there is no financial risk to you in making a claim. Call 01772 783314 or email to get in contact with our No Win No Fee Solicitors and discuss starting your claim today. 

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