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Make a no win no fee firework injury claim with our personal injury solicitors today. 
With the risks involved with firework use being widely shared in schools, on the news, and on social media each year, many people falsely believe that their firework injuries, or injuries suffered in a firework related accident, are simply part and parcel of attending at event or using fireworks. However, this is not the case. If you have been injured in any way because of a firework accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation, and our specialist solicitors at MG Legal are here to help you achieve the compensation that you deserve, and all on a no win no fee basis. 
Below, our firework injury solicitors discuss some of the injuries and firework accidents that can lead to firework injury claims, and how we help our injured clients achieve the maximum financial compensation in their no win no fee claims. 

What can lead to a firework injury claim: 

Our specialist firework injury solicitors regularly speak to potential clients who have been injured in different ways in firework-related accidents.  
Some of the experiences that our firework injury clients have had, that have led them to contact our firework injury solicitors, include: 
One client came to us after their child suffered from burns from a sparkler given to them at a professionally organised firework display by a local authority. As the sparkler came to an end, the child came to dispose of the sparkler, but came to see that there was no sandpit, bucket of water, or other safe area to dispose of the sparkler once it was used. There were also no instructions given by officials at the event, and no signs advising of how to safely dispose of the sparklers. We are now working with the client to make a firework injury claim for her injured child against the local authority in charge or the organisation and safety of the event. 
For one other client, it was in the safety of his own home that he was injured by a faulty firework. After buying his fireworks from a local supermarket, he came to realise that there were no safety instructions included in the package, but at which point it was too late to return the fireworks. After attempting to let off the firework, our client struggled to properly light the firework, and suffered from burns to his hand and wrist in the process. When he reached out to us, we accepted his no win no fee claim, and got to work on building his claim against the firework manufacturing company, for failing to meet safety regulations and provide detailed safety instructions in their product. 
Another of our clients reached out to MG Legal’s firework injury solicitors after he was hit by a firework in the leg while attending a firework display with his family. After seeking medical care for his leg injuries, he came to us to make a no win no fee firework injury claim against the organisers of the firework display, who had failed to meet necessary safety requirements in the planning of the firework display. 
It’s not only firework accidents that can lead to injuries around bonfire night. Our team at MG Legal are currently working with a client to make a personal injury claim on behalf of her injured child who suffered from burns after being stood too close to a bonfire at a locally organised event. With barriers being placed too close to the bonfire, our no win no fee solicitors are now working on our client’s claim, and obtaining her child’s financial compensation for their burns. 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE firework injury claim with MG Legal 2021: 

Injured at a firework display? You could be entitled to financial compensation. Whether you were injured in one of the ways mentioned above, or in any other way, get in touch with our specialist no win no fee firework injury solicitors today for a free no obligation consultation with a specialist solicitor. 
Our team have a success rate of over 99%, and accept all of our firework injury claims on a no win no fee basis. Simply contact us online, here, and hear back from a firework injury solicitor within one working hour. 
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