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In the UK, children generally have to use a child car seat until they are either 135cm tall, or 12 years old (whichever event occurs first). After this, like ALL other adults, they must wear a seat belt. 
There are generally two types of seats you may look for: height-based seats, and weight-based seats. 
Height-based Seats 
Until a child is 15 months old, they must be in a rear-facing seat, which is designed to protect them in the event of a road traffic accident. After this age, they can switch to forward-facing seat. In the UK, your child must be in an EU-approved seat, which you can check by looking for the label showing a capital ‘E’, with ‘R129’. 
Weight-based Seats 
These types of seats are based on your child’s weight, and again, can only be used if it is EU approved, which you can tell by looking for the label with a capital ‘E’ and ‘ECE R44’. 
So, what seat should you be using? Well, if your child is 0 to 10kg, they must use a lie-flat, rear-facing carrier or a rear-facing baby seat using a harness. Alternatively, for children 0 to 13kg, you can use a rear-facing baby carrier or baby seat using a harness. If your child is 9kg to 18kg, you must use a rear or forward-facing baby seat using a safety shield or harness. From 15 to 25kg, you can use a rear or forward-facing child seat (such as a high-backed booster or a booster cushion) using a seat belt, harness or safety shield. The final weight bracket is 22 to 36kg, and your child must wear a rear or forward-facing child care seat, fitting the same description as the 15 to 25kg weight list. 
If you want to see the full Government’s guidance, you can find it here. They helpfully provide the Group references, which you will be able to use when purchasing a seat. You can find a load more guidance on car seats here
Alternatively, if you need more help or guidance, if you pop into a local baby store, such as Mamas and Papas, you will probably be able to get all the guidance you need. 
Now, whilst our team of Personal Injury solicitors in Preston are by no means experts in buying (or fitting!) car seats, we do know that it would need to be fitted correctly in order to correctly protect a child. 
If you’ve been in an accident and your child has been injured, you can read our blog on what information our team of Personal Injury solicitors in Preston would need, here
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