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Social Media has become an important part of most people’s daily lives. Research shows the average person spends at least 24 hours a week on social media. 
For many Social Media is an online diary; a way to keep your friends and family updated on your day-to-day life. However, at MG Legal, Local Lancaster Solicitors, it is not uncommon for our Family Department to receive a call from a client stating that their ex-partner has posted nasty comments or degrading photographs about them all over their social media accounts. 
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The issues that are dealt with in Family Law, such as Child Arrangements, Divorce and Separations are for many of our clients, very emotional situations. For many it may be the hardest thing they go through in their lives, and adding Social Media into that can make an already volatile situation much, much worse. 
At MG Legal, your local Family Law Solicitors, we deal daily with accusations made on social media. Most mornings we come into work to emails from clients with screenshots of Facebook posts by their ex slating them or making accusations. Over the years the amount of cases using social media postings as evidence has increased drastically. An innocent moan on Facebook about an ex-partner can completely change the outcome of a case, and not always for the better. It could mean losing time with a child, losing your settlement from a financial case or worse, should the police have to become involved, a fine and, in some cases, imprisonment. 
Posting of being out partying most nights while trying to prove you have a stable home for a child to live in, or posting a new relationship whilst going through a divorce are, in MG Legal’s opinion, something that should be kept off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Just because you no longer have your ex-partner as a friend on your accounts, this doesn’t mean that people aren't reporting back to them, and even the most innocent of posts can be misconstrued.  
As Lancaster Divorce Solicitors, we would advise our clients to think before you post: slating an ex-partner over Facebook may make you feel better, but what about the impact if the children of the relationship saw the post? If you wouldn’t like it being written about you, then don’t write it about them. It is better, if you have a genuine complaint or concern, to discuss this with your Family Law solicitor. Posting it on Social media will get you nowhere fast. 
If you can’t resist posting, after a few beers, then sometimes the best advice we can offer is that, whilst we deal with your case, you delete your social media account to resist the urge to post and potentially prejudice your case. 
Why not give MG Legal’s Family Department a call on 01524 581306 or pop into our Lancaster Office at 20 Brock Street, Lancaster to book an appointment. The advice is friendly, and highly confidential. The coffee’s not too bad either! 
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