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A white question mark against a yellow background; our Wills Solicitors in Preston discuss whether Probate is required for pension lump sums after a loved one's death.
When a person passes away, managing their estate, including financial assets like pension lump sums, can become a complex process. Often, this is where Probate comes into play. Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person’s estate is properly distributed to their beneficiaries, and any debts owed by the deceased are paid off. 
Our Wills and Probate Solicitors in Preston will advise clients that pensions can usually be nominated to beneficiaries, so they pay directly to them and do not form part of the deceased’s estate. For Inheritance Tax purposes, this can be beneficial, as the funds are not classed as part of the estate. However, in some cases, a lump sum payment may only be payable to an estate, or Probate may still be required by the pension provider to stipulate where and who the funds should be paid to. 
Understanding why Probate can be required when someone has a pension lump sum, especially in the context of NHS and other civil pensions, is crucial for executors and beneficiaries. 
A Probate Stamp; our Wills Solicitors in Preston discuss when Probate can be required for a pension.

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The Nature of Pension Lump Sums 

A pension lump sum refers to a one-off payment from a pension scheme, which can be paid to a beneficiary upon the pension holder’s death. The way this lump sum is treated depends on several factors, including the type of pension, the age of the pension holder at the time of death, and the rules of the specific pension scheme. 

Why can Probate be required for a Pension Lump Sum? 

Estate’s Legal Ownership 

If the pension lump sum becomes part of the deceased’s estate, Probate may be necessary to legally transfer ownership of the funds to the beneficiaries. This typically happens when the pension scheme does not have a designated beneficiary or when the scheme’s rules dictate that the lump sum be paid into the estate. 

Clarification of Beneficiaries 

In cases where it i unclear who the beneficiaries of the pension lump sum are, probate may be required to determine and validate the rightful recipients according to the Will or, in the absence of a Will, the laws of intestacy

Large Pension Sums 

Some pension schemes may require probate to be granted before releasing large sums of money, even if a beneficiary is nominated. This is often a precautionary measure to ensure that the funds are distributed correctly and legally, with the correct authority. 

NHS and Other Civil Pensions 

Public sector pensions, such as those provided by the National Health Service (NHS), Civil Service, and local government, often have specific rules regarding the payment of pension lump sums upon a member’s death. 

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NHS Pensions 

The NHS Pension Scheme offers a lump sum death benefit that is typically a multiple of the member’s salary at the time of death, often known as a Death in Service payment. The scheme allows members to nominate a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive this lump sum directly. While this direct nomination can bypass the need for probate, sometimes the NHS will require sight of Probate before releasing the funds. 

Civil Service Pensions 

Similar to the NHS, civil service pensions allow for the nomination of beneficiaries for lump sum death benefits. However, if there are any issues with the nomination or if the lump sum is directed to the estate, or if the scheme so requires, the beneficiaries may need to produce the Probate document before payment is made. 

Pension Protection and Nomination 

Both NHS and other civil pensions strongly encourage members to keep their beneficiary nominations up to date to avoid complications. Current nominations can help bypass the need for Probate, allowing for quicker and more straightforward distribution of pension lump sums. 
Probate can be a necessary step in managing the distribution of pension lump sums, especially when dealing with NHS and other civil pensions. The process ensures that funds are legally and correctly distributed according to the deceased’s wishes or the law. For pension holders, making clear nominations and keeping them updated is crucial to streamline the process for their beneficiaries, potentially avoiding the need for probate. If Probate is being requested, beneficiaries and executors should seek legal advice from Probate Solicitors in Preston about the process of applying for Probate, the costs involved and how our team can help with the application. 
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