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For many, after the initial emotional shock of the marital separation, the next scary thought is whether or not you will have to attend Court as part of the divorce process. 
We get it, some of us Family Law Solicitors look a little scary until we have had our first sip of coffee, but the good thing is that if you and your ex agree that you both want a divorce and you agree on the reasons for your divorce, the good news is that you probably won’t have to attend Court. 

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As a process of the divorce you will need to decide what happens to your money, and property. This can involve your pension, and any investments you may have. Where there are children involved, this is likely to attract some of the most important decisions our Divorce Solicitors and solicitors in Preston can help you work through these difficult decisions to achieve the best possible outcome. 
Financial settlements are usually made by way of a Consent Order which can be used to protect your assets in the divorce process. Just because the divorce ends your marriage it doesn’t mean that your financial ties with your ex have ended. 

What does a Divorce Solicitor do? 

Our divorce Solicitors can help to minimise conflict between you and your ex. Having a Family Law Solicitor can take the emotion out of negotiations whilst representing your best interests at all times. 
A divorce Solicitor can also help you decide when firm legal action is necessary. Your needs, and those of any children involved, will be our priority here at MG Legal Solicitors in Garstang. Our experienced Divorce Solicitors can give you practical, useful legal advice that is tailored to your own specific circumstances. 
Knowing exactly how much your divorce will cost is crucial so we are transparent about our fees and if anything changes throughout the process we will let you know immediately. 
For clear, transparent, easy to understand legal advice contact us now via or call 01524 581 306. 
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