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You’ve spent years of your life helping your child grow, helping them along the right path. You’ve bailed them out countless times, picked them up drunk from a party at 3:00am, survived their moody teenage years; put your life on hold to give them the best possible life you could. And now it’s happened, they’ve brought their own little hurricane into the world, and from the moment you saw them, held them for the first time you were in love. Being a grandparent is quite possibly the best job in the world. 
You’re their hero, best friend, confidant all rolled into one, you spend your Sundays running around after them, you’re there to babysit at the drop of a hat, whatever they need you’re there to give and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
But what happens when that contact stops? Through no fault of your own? Maybe the parents have split and contact has been stopped, by why should this include your contact with them? In an ideal world it wouldn’t. But unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. 
Numerous studies show that grandparents have a hugely beneficial role in the child’s upbringing and care - they help their grandchild with their social skills, and the implications of stopping contact can be harmful to both the child and yourself as the grandparent. 
Over the past few years MG Legal, your Local Family solicitors, have seen a rise in Grandparents seeking legal advice to obtain contact to their beloved grandchildren. As Family Solicitors we aim to help as much as possible, but warn that an application for access to grandchildren differs from a parental application. 
Before we can even begin to start the application, we as Family Solicitors have to obtain the Courts permission to apply for a Contact Order; upon receipt of this the Court will consider the applicant’s connection with the child, the nature of the application for contact and whether the application may be potentially harmful to the child in anyway. Only if approved can we as Family Solicitors progress to making a Contact Order
Fortunately for us and you, most Family Courts do recognise the invaluable role that grandparents play in their grandchild’s life. Unless of course there is evidence of abuse towards the child, then it is actually very rare that contact is refused. Thankfully new legislation has helped reunite many devoted grandparents with their beloved grandchildren. 
The team at MG Legal is always happy to assist in any way possible. Our Family department are more than happy to offer any advice and assist in making a Contact Order, and reuniting you with your grandchild. 
Should you ever feel that you need assistance then please do not hesitate to contact MG Legal, Family Solicitors, to make the first step. 
MG Legal - Your Local Solicitors 
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