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Current government advice to property solicitors and clients alike, during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is to postpone any house purchases, simply because this is a process that in most cases is not vital and also because it entails a number of people coming into contact with each other; clients, solicitors, removal people, estate agents and anyone else helping you with any aspect of the move. 

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What to do? 

MG Legal, your Property Solicitor in Garstang, are here to help you whatever you decide, if you want to move forward, we will do our best to do so and to make sure the Solicitor on the other side also moves your property matter forward. 

What is the Land Registry doing during the crisis? 

If you decide you wish to wait, HM Land Registry are automatically extending the deadline for Applications until 01st June 2020, with scope to extend further. This is an automatic process and so nothing needs to be done in the meantime. HM Land Registry are still working on a fully electronic basis and so there should be no great delays in any event. 
HM Land Registry have also confirmed that they are granting special considerations to any COVID-19 related requests for extension or, when there is no more scope for extension, to delay deciding for as long as possible. 

What can we do to help? 

There is particularly strict guidance in relation to moving to property which has housed people with confirmed, or suspected, Covid 19 cases, however, as this is a developing situation this is something we can liaise with you and monitor accordingly. 
If you elect to delay a move, the guidance is currently that unless there is a pressing reason for the move to take place, a delay should be agreed by both sides until the move can be safely completed. 
Services at MG Legal, your Property Solicitor in Garstang, are being kept up and running, with all exchanges or documentation being kept at a distance or ideally, remotely using electronic or postal services to exchange documents. 
Aside from the above, in this unprecedented situation, we are working as flexibly as possible and doing our all to ensure that everyone remains safe but if parties are in agreement, sales and purchases can go ahead if at all possible. 

What are lenders doing to help? 

Many UK lenders are working on steps to extend mortgage offers and to work with both buyers and sellers who are moving home out of financial necessity or for whom the loss of a mortgage offer or settlement would cause significant financial hardship. 
MG Legal, your Property Solicitor in Garstang, will again do all we can to assist in this area, providing any assurances that fall within our scope to do so to assist with obtaining extensions or some kind of flexibility to support all concerned and to keep the transaction live. 

Additional Advice 

We strongly recommend that all clients or prospective clients read the advice on Covid19 and in particular, the advice relating to sale and purchase of property. This advice can be found at

What to do? 

Get in touch with MG Legal, your Property Solicitor in Garstang, by phone, email or web-contact form and our Property Team will reply to you as soon as possible to advice you. 
If you are looking to obtain a quote for a future sale or purchase, we are generally able to provide a comprehensive, detailed quote for our services, plus any additional fees (Land Registry fees, Searches etc) by email within 15 minutes. This quote will show all potential fees, so you know exactly what you will be paying for our services. We are confident that ours will be the best quote you will receive and that the same is true of our service. 
Unsure about anything, please contact MG Legal, your Property Solicitor in Garstang and we will do our very best to get your Property Matter moving the same day. 
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