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When people are injured, and it’s somebody else’s fault, then the first cause of action, other than seeking medical assistance, is to go and see your personal injury solicitors Preston. You see, being injured may just be the start of your problems.. imagine you’ve suffered an injury that affects the rest of your working life; or if you are injured, and can go back to work, it may be that you’re not in a position to do your previous job as well, or may be subject to disadvantage on the open labour market, if at any time you decide to leave your job, or are forced to do so in the increasingly volatile and changing world of employment. 
Smith and Manchester awards can be claimed for those injured by way of personal injury (road traffic accidents, trips, slips and falls, accidents at work and so forth) or for patients who have suffered medical negligence at the hands of a doctor, surgeon or any other medical practitioner). Whatever the reason for being injured, MG legal, accident injury solicitors in Lancaster are well-versed in obtaining the correct amount of compensation for their clients. 
Whilst some other accident injury solicitors may overlook the chance to claim a Smith and Manchester award,( including your nearest solicitors), MG Legal’s team of solicitors Lancaster certainly will not, and, as our glowing client reviews all state- our solicitors in Lancaster, solicitors in Garstang, and solicitors in Longridge, offer a service that is second-to-none. 
So, by now you may have some questions- so let’s explain: 
What is a Smith and Manchester award? Well, when you have an accident, there are your lost earnings (those suffered as a result of the time off work as a result of the incident- whether it’s immediately post incident, or directly related to the incident) and then there’s the Smith and Manchester award- this depends if your potential future capacity or ability to earn is directly affected as a result of the injury you have sustained.  
MG Legal, road traffic accident solicitors, one of the most respected law firms Preston, are well aware of the two-step process required to claim a Smith and Manchester award: 
1. Is there a real risk that, at some time in the future, you will be out of work before you reach retirement age, as a result of your injury? 
2. Does your medical report (your best medical negligence solicitors will arrange for you to be medically examined) advise that you may be disadvantaged on the open labour market, when trying to find a new job, or that you will be required to take a lower-paying job, as a result of your injury. Even worse, would you be able to find any suitable job at all, or could you be deemed unemployable as a result of your injury? 
Your solicitors in Preston Lancashire, subject to the findings above, should prepare a schedule of loss, giving the best estimate possible of your future losses. Remember, your accident claim solicitors are there help put you in the financial position you would have been in, had the incident leading to your injury, not happened. 
Bearing in mind the potential value of your loss of earnings claim, you need the best personal injury solicitors Preston, and best medical negligence solicitors to assist you. And that’s why you need MG Legal. Our personal injury solicitors Preston accept all instruction on a NO-WIN-NO-FEE basis, and have a success rate in excess of 99%. 
Whilst this article is personal injury themed, MG Legal are also prolific property solicitors Preston, solicitors Lancaster, and first class family law solicitors Preston, and your local solicitors for wills. With offices surrounding the North West, our Preston law firm, solicitors Garstang and solicitors Longridge, may not be your nearest solicitors, but our personal injury solicitors Preston can arrange home visits throughout the North West, and we offer a service that is second-to-none. 
MG Legal - Your Personal Injury Solicitors Preston 
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