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As the Christmas holidays approach, many of us with family across the country will travel to stay away from home and of course, it is highly likely at some point that we will stay in a hotel somewhere over the course of the next year. A recent story in the news, brought to light by the complaint of a guest at popular hotel chain Premier Inn, describes how she was bitten over 100 times in the course of a single night's stay at their Herne Bay location. Having sought medical attention, the guest was told the bites were from bed bugs. 
MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, is well aware that as with any business, you are owed a duty of care by anyone or any company who invite you to their premises, whether a supermarket, where you might spend an hour, or a hotel where you can stay for many days. A hotel, even a standard one like a Premier Inn, will offer a multitude of services and it is for the hotel to ensure this is safe. From the fan or hairdryer in your room which must be subject to the electrical PAT, to the stairways and lifts which must be kept safe and of course, any food or drink served must be of a reasonable standard. 

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Having settled a number of cases from hotels within England and Wales, MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, have acted for individuals who have been bitten by bedbugs, served substandard food, fallen due to inadequately lit stairways, slipped on spillages in public areas, been electrocuted by faulty appliances in rooms and hurt due to badly repaired furniture collapsing. 
As with any visit to a premises owned by another person or business, your time there is covered by their duty under Occupiers or Public Liability Law, an area that MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, specialises in. When you check in to a hotel, you have a right to expect the facilities to be safe and the items available for your use to be in working condition. If you have been injured as a result of any kind of negligence on the part of a hotel, you will have the right to make a claim under the Public Liability Protocols, which also covers any accidents or injuries that could be made under the Occupiers’ Liability Act
If you have been hurt in any kind of accident whilst staying at a hotel, MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, recommend that you take photographic evidence of the item or location that was to blame and also that you report the incident to the hotel. Some hotels will attempt to resolve the matter by offering complimentary upgrades, discounted rates or free meals. Whilst this is of course a nice gesture, this does not help you recover from any injury and nor is it the same as an award made following proper legal advice and medical evidence. This is why MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, always recommends that you use a solicitor for your claim. Sometimes there can be no opportunity to return for further damages once you sign a waiver or an acceptance and so, whilst that bottle of champagne and the King-Size suite might be tempting, it isn’t the same as a fully comprehensive claim covering lost earnings, medical treatment and a properly assessed award for your personal injury, which can take months or years to heal. 
MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, look to accept all instructions on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) to ensure that you have access to a solicitor to ensure that you have the best legal advice and representation possible for your personal injury claim. If you have sustained an injury that you believe wasn’t your fault, please telephone our offices in Garstang, Longridge or Lancaster today, email, use the contact form on our website or drop into one of our offices to discuss how we can help you with your claim today. 
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