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A little girl holding the hand of both of her parents
When you’re looking at starting a family, you may think that you’ll never have to worry about parental responsibility, or who will take care of your child if you’re not able to. Sadly, for some families, these are things that they should have considered when they had the opportunity. 
So, when you’re expecting, what sort of legal matters could our family solicitors in Lancaster help you out with in the future? 

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Our family solicitors in Lancaster are experts in drafting change of name deeds for children, and are called upon to do so on an almost daily basis; all we need, to start your child’s matter moving forward, is the former name of your child, the new name, and proofs of yours and your child’s identity. 

Why would my child need a change of name deed? 

It may be that one parent of the child is no longer in their life, or sometimes, for the child’s protection. Generally, parental consent is required to change a child’s name. However, in some circumstances, a child’s name can be changed with the permission of the Court. Our expert family lawyers can help; just contact us at your nearest office - Lancaster, or if you’re based in Preston, either Longridge or Garstang


Our Wills and Probate Solicitors in Longridge usually deal with appointing a guardian, or guardians, in their client’s Wills. For example, a clause can be inserted to stipulate who would care for your children during their childhood. The clause is usually worded so that the person, or people, appointed to act, are guardians during each of your children’s respective childhoods, so that once your children attains a specific age, they can live independently. 
However, if you feel like you want to draft a document specifically focusing on who will act as guardian for your children, and perhaps providing specific instructions in relation to the care of them, then our Wills and Probate solicitors in Longridge can help you with this, too. And don’t worry - if you’re from either Garstang, Preston or Lancaster, our team can visit you at your local office by appointment! 


Our family solicitors in Garstang, who cover Longridge and Lancaster too (and also offer home visits, in case you’re not able to get to one of our offices), are experts in dealing with child contact issues. From the first initial appointment, where our team will provide you with the advice you need to know where you stand from the start, to the obtaining a final order for contact with your children. 
Our team can offer fixed fees and will be there to help you every step of the way. 


A sad fact which not many realise, is that un-married fathers do not automatically gain parental responsibility of their child, even if the child is biologically theirs. 

How would a parent gain parental responsibility? 

Well, starting with a couple who are in a relationship having a child, they may decide to get married, which would usually grant the father parental responsibility. If you’re no longer in a couple, or you don’t feel like you want to get married (because, let’s face it, it’s not for everyone!), then our family solicitors in Preston can help. 
Our team are experts in drafting Parental Responsibility Agreements, which is a formal agreement, usually put into writing, which sets out the terms of the parental responsibility between the parents of the child. Our family team can be contacted, here, or by email to
If your child-related legal matter is not listed above, then don’t fear - all of our team at MG Legal are here to help. You can contact them at, or on our online enquiries form, here
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