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10th – 16th June sees 2019’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Week. The awareness week involves a campaign run by ‘Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’, that is in place to spread awareness of cervical cancer and to share the experiences of those who have experienced issues with abnormal cell results, following smear tests. 
What is cervical cancer? 
Cervical cancer arises from the growth of abnormal cells within the cervix which, in many cases, are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. The virus has a number of different forms, many of which are harmless, however, where the virus leads to abnormal cell changes, cervical cancer can come as a result. 
In many cases and, in particular, in the early stages of the illness, there are little or no symptoms. This, therefore, brings us to the heart of the campaign, which is to stress to women the importance of having regular smear tests. Smear tests involve samples being taken from the cervix and being tested for abnormality. 
According to Cancer Research UK, approximately 220,000 women have abnormal test results each year which are then down to the role of your healthcare professional in interpreting the results, making the correct diagnosis and, if necessary, supplying the best course of treatment. 
At MG Legal, it is at this point where our accident claim solicitors are brought to the attention of cervical cancer, but for the wrong reasons. Our specialist team of accident injury solicitors see issues where there have been misdiagnoses for example where, through misinterpretation of results, an incorrect diagnosis has been provided, or, sadly, no diagnoses at all. 
This can lead to a world or problems and can result in the staging of the cancer being prolonged, which can result in not only delayed treatment, but also the requirement for more highly invasive treatment as a result. 
A recent report of The Independent revealed that the NHS are experiencing a back log in reviewing the results samples of more than 150,000. As you can imagine, women awaiting results sit in fear of what may come back to them, but also, delays in obtaining treatment, if needed, can go on to bring about further issues as a result of the prolonged result. 
The National Audit Office also found that at one point in 2018, just one third of women had their smear test results returned within the recommended 14 days. Evidently, something needs to be done to address the issues and tackle against further failings which could result in legal action. 
A spokesperson for the department of Health and Social Care went on to comment “Prevention and early diagnosis of cancer are key priorities for this government, and we are already working closely with NHS England and Public Health England to address the issues this useful report highlights.” 
At MG Legal, our solicitors in Lancaster ask, is this enough? Prevention is, no doubt, key before it is too late, but when we are dealing with such sensitive and life changing issues, misdiagnosis and misinterpretations need to be eliminated. 
If you have been the victim of a misdiagnosis which has resulted in your detriment, contact our accident claim solicitors today who will be able to assist you. Our specialist team of solicitors specialising in personal injury claims offer home visits and out of hours appointments and are on hand to answer all your questions. 
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