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There is much controversy behind ‘vaping’ and whether this is, actually, better for us than smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, which are some of the harmful substances found when smoking a cigarette. Although ‘vaping’ tools do not contain all of the dangerous elements that cigarettes do, they cannot be consumed with the guarantee of being totally risk free. 

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Our solicitors in Preston are aware of six deaths, in the US, and at least a further 450 hospitalisation incidents occurring as a result of ‘vaping’ consumption. Patients have displayed symptoms including shortness of breath, coughing and nausea, as was the case in one recent occurrence of Adam Hergenreder, aged 18. 
Upon investigation, our solicitors in Preston found that the teenager had been ‘vaping’ for over a year and was hospitalised following him experiencing breathing difficulties. This resulted in the teenager requiring an oxygen supply for six days, whilst being at risk of his lungs collapsing and, potentially, fatal consequences. He has now been told that his lung capacity is similar to that of a 70 year old, and, uncertain of whether is lungs will ever fully recover, is pursuing a claim for personal injury against, one of the leading American brands, Juul
The teenager was a keen wrestler which may, now, be taken away from him for life. MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors Preston understand that the impacts of a physical injury, can result in deeper consequences that can dramatically affect an individual’s lifestyle and day to day activity. This is why our team of expert injury solicitors aim to ensure any compensatory award obtained, is a true reflection of the detriment the injured party faces. 
The products are currently being referred to as ‘toxic time bombs’, with the real concerns being linked to the amount of flavours of vape liquid currently on offer, including popcorn, bubble gum and even bacon. To create such weird and wonderful flavours, the products come as a result of various chemical reactions which, evidently, result in more chemicals being present within the products and, subsequently, being inhaled when ‘vaping’. 
With this being such a new activity we currently have little information on the long term consequences of vaping, and whether the same are better, or worse, than smoking a normal cigarette. MG Legal’s personal injury solicitors in Preston are, however, seeing more and more incidents where injury has occurred, as a result of these e-cigarettes. See a full overview of our work on E-Cigarette injury claims here. 
There seems to be a grey area surrounding e-cigarettes, and no we do not mean the grey smoke cloud which is exhaled after consumption, and what the potential affects may be in the future. The products are, however, regulated and the UK Vaping Industry Association advises they will ‘continue to work with the public health community in the UK to spread the facts about vaping’. Public Health England published a report in 2015 which advised smoking an e-cigarette is 95% less harmful than a normal cigarette. This stance is maintained and is actively encouraged to individuals who want to stop smoking. 
This, nevertheless, does not mean that problems can occur, as our solicitors in Preston see on a regular basis. MG Legal’s team of personal injury solicitors Preston are on hand, if you have been victim of an injury, arising as a result of an issue with an e-cigarette. Our experts understand the potential impacts the same can have and can assist you in achieving the compensation you deserve. 
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