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You can apply for an injunction if you are a victim of domestic violence and the person you want to be protected from is someone you are in a relationship with, a family member or someone you have lived with. You can use the list on the government website to check whether you can apply: . 
The most commonly used injunctions are Non-Molestation Orders or Occupation Orders. 

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Non-Molestation Order 
A non-molestation order is used by the Courts to attempt to prevent someone using or threatening violence, it also seeks to prevent someone from making threats, pestering you or harassing you. The behaviour it seeks to prevent can range from actual physical violence, making repeated telephone calls or sending abusive letters. 
Often when granting the Order the Court will attach a power of arrest meaning that if a person breaches a term of the Order i.e. sending a letter, the police can be called and the perpetrator arrested even without a specific criminal offence having been committed. 
Occupation Order 
An Occupation Order can be used when a person does not feel that they can safely continue to live with their partner and has the power to restrict the abuser from living in the family home and from entering the area surrounding the family home. 
When ordering an Occupation Order the Family Court also have to power to make provisions as to who will pay the bills and other outgoings on the home. 
It is also important to remember that injunctions can also be used to protect children. 
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