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As concerns grow for victims of domestic abuse and the situation, they find themselves in during this unprecedented time, MG Legal Family Law Solicitors explain how an injunction can be sought be a victim of domestic abuse against their abuser. In recent times, domestic violence has indeed, unfortunately, doubled. The rather saddening story the Guardian newspaper ran, just today, on 14th April, illustrates the way modern society has changed, for the worst. 

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Can I get a non-molestation order during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Yes. You can. 
Our solicitors in Preston are still accepting instructions, on a daily basis, from clients seeking Non-Molestation Orders. The Government’s advice on social distancing does not prevent those who find themselves in an abusive relationship from moving to a place of safety. The Home Secretary has specifically stated that refuges will remain open. Your local Solicitors, MG Legal, stress that if you are in immediate danger then you must call 999 to seek urgent protection from the police. 
Once you are in a place of safety you can then seek advice from a Solicitor specialising in domestic abuse matters. 
A family law solicitor will then guide you through the steps that can be taken to secure protection by way of obtaining a non-molestation order. 

In the present climate, are Family Courts still accessible, and hearing new matters? 

Yes. At the moment they are. In particular the Court is still sitting for emergency orders by way of telephone and video hearings. 
MG Legal, family Solicitors in Preston, can still be contacted via email or telephone, and one of our family law experts will be in touch, within one working hour. ‘Phone the office on 01772 783314, or email
In order to progress a non-molestation application, our Family Law Solicitor will take details about the abuse you have suffered and explain this to the Court by way of a statement to support your non-molestation application. Once this statement has been prepared our family law Solicitor will email a copy to you and then telephone you to discuss it. Changes can be made so that your statement accurately reflects your position to the best of your knowledge and belief. 
It is important to give your family law solicitor as much detail as possible to assist both them and the Court in ensuring that the Order can be made. 
The Order will prohibit the abuser from contacting you by any method, either directly or indirectly either through a third part or by contacting any children of the family. The Order can also provide an exclusion zone around your property so that the abuser cannot enter or come within a certain distance. The Court may also order that the abuser leaves the family home and not allow them to re-enter it. In summary the Court can be asked to do whatever is felt necessary to ensure your safety. 
Once the application is submitted to the Court the Solicitor will be advised as to when your application will be heard, either via telephone/video hearing. As this is an emergency hearing to protect you then abuser will not be advised of it until after the non-molestation order has been made. 
Non-molestation orders contain the power of arrest and is the Order is breached then you should immediately call the police. 
If you are affected by this or need assistance please do not hesitate in contacting MG Legal via email to by calling our solicitors in Preston on 01772 783314 or Solicitors in Lancaster on 01524 581 306 
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