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Log burners and multi fuel stoves are becoming increasingly popular, but a Gloucester Landlord discovered the hard way that this nice feature also requires building regulations. 
If you are buying a property with a log burner or stove your Property Solicitor will likely ask the Seller’s property Solicitor to provide building regulation approval for the installation. The Gloucester landlord I mentioned a moment ago did not obtain building regulation approval and after being reported to the local environmental health department, he was found guilty of breaching six building regulations. He pled guild and was fined £600 plus the court’s costs. 
The recommendation from our property solicitors in Lancaster would be that you should always contact your local authority to check if your installation requires building regulation permission. 

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So, what are the requirements when installing a log burner or multi fuel stove? 
- You can’t install a wood burner directly in front of a plasterboard covered wall. 
- The wall will need to be protected by a heat-resistant shield. This shield must extend all the way up behind the flue pipe, if applicable. The material must be A1 fire-rated. 
- There should also be a 12mm air gap between the combustible material and the heat shield. 
- Log burner regulations state that wooden lintels and fire surrounds must be at least 15 inches away from the flue pipe. 
- A twin wall flue pipe is useful if you need to shield a wooden beam from the flue pipe. 
- Always have a CO detector in the same room as your multi-fuel or log burning stove 
- Document J will give more information about wood burner regulations 
As a Landlord, if you are fitting a wood burner then you must have an installation certificate, indeed any wood burners fitted after 2011 must have an installation certificate. Your insurance company must also be informed that there is a wood burner or open fire in the property. Property Lawyers in Preston, MG Legal, also recommend that you ensure there are smoke detectors fitted on every level which are hard-wired to prevent tenants removing log burners. 
If your purchasing a property to rent out contact Preston Property Solicitors, MG Legal, via or call 01995 602 129. 
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