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Pre Nups (or pre-nuptial agreements) are legal binding agreements, which are only legally binding if the conditions are met, (more information can be found, here) made before marriage, which sets out what should happen to finances in the event that a marriage breaks down.  
Prenups have become increasingly popular, as more people marry later in life than in previous generations, and people have accumulated their own assets, such as property, shares or pension pots before they get married. If you have substantial assets then, for a lot of people, it’s perfectly reasonable to take steps to protect those assets in the event of a divorce or separation in the future. MG Legal, Solicitors in Garstang can help with this. 

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What MG Legal’s team of family solicitors in Lancaster can’t help with, is your guest list. We have heard some embarrassing stories over the years, and if you think that you have one to top it, let us know! 
Speaking from personal experience, I recall being a bridesmaid at a wedding where one drunken guest mistook the lovingly hand carved, hand crafted bar which was a wedding present to the happy couple for the bathroom relieving himself straight down the front of it! 
More recently, a lady, who is believed to be from the UK, wrote a paragraph on mumsnet describing the embarrassing moment that a bride burst into a rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as she walked down the aisle; “she is a lovely woman but she cannot sing” wrote the anonymous wedding guest. The sharing of this story spurred others on, giving us at MG Legal a refreshing break from Divorce Law! 
One user shared a story wherein the DJ played the wrong first dance song and the couple were serenaded by U2’s “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. Another wrote ‘I wasn’t at the wedding but I saw a video of someone I know timelessly singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" during the wedding breakfast. It looked awkward for all involved.' 
Announcing your own impending nuptials at the Wedding Breakfast of another couples wedding was also a very common cringe moment. 
The story which seemed to cause the most readers that toe curing moment of cringe, was the story where the bride and bridesmaids left the room only to return in non-existent burlesque outfits performing an X-rated routine which left many of the guests not knowing where to look! 
If you need legal advice about your upcoming wedding such as help with prenuptial agreements, the validity of your Will following marriage, or you just want to tell us about an embarrassing moment at a wedding you have attended, contact MG Legal via family@mglegal.co.uk or call 01524 581 306. 
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