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MG Legal’s conveyancing solicitors are well aware of the promises and expectations housing companies can often place upon their prospective buyers, to ensure that sale goes through. This is where the role of MG Legal’s expert conveyancing team come in. We will do all in our power to ensure that you are in that new home as soon as possible, and our expert team will ensure that this does not come at a cost to the standard of property you are acquiring. 
Unfortunately, one family in Swindon were met with a £400,000 property that was sadly shattered to pieces, literally in some ways, just weeks after the big move. The Tompkinsons have found themselves amidst an 18 month squabble with the housing company that sold them the property, finding an astonishing 400 faults which require rectification. The faults include a number of issues such as missing brickwork, paint defects, alignment issues and unbolted bannisters, for example. 
One major turning point was, just three weeks in, where a roof tile, which was secured using duct tape, fell from the roof and caused £3,000 damage to the family car which was parked outside the property. The family’s concerns were then raised even further as the issues were now causing problems in terms of safety. The family have three children who also reside at the property and, at this point, decided enough was enough. 
The housing company are aware of the issue, however, the same is yet to be attended to. Mr Tompkinson claimed that there had been an offer for the family’s expenses to be covered whilst the repairs were carried out, and for them to vacate the same during this time. This ‘offer’ has not been forthcoming since. The housing company have gone on to suggest that the roof tile falling from the roof arose as a result of an ‘Act of God’ by the wind. 
The family continue their on-going battle to have all 400 faults rectified, and are currently looking for Government intervention to ensure that other future homeowners do not find themselves in the same situation they have. The housing company involved, Linden Homes, have commented that they have received a number of additional reports of faults within their developments and are aiming to attend to any issues that do not meet NHBC standards. 
This case reinforces the importance of the enquiries raised by your property solicitors Preston. Upon receiving the Contract package, our conveyancing solicitors review the same with a view to raising enquiries, which are a set of questions about the property, with the seller’s solicitor. 
The enquiries raised are formulated on the basis of a number of factors, inclusive of the Title documentation, the survey results, searches, client queries, agent particulars, and property forms and related documents. The enquiries are raised to ensure that you are protected from any nasty surprises following Completion and will be unique to each individual property. 
Taking the present case, if our solicitors in Preston were faced with the Tompkinson’s property, there would be an extensive list of enquiries to be satisfied before we would be proceeding to Exchange Contracts and make the transaction legally binding. For example: 
All compliance certificates would be requested for all works that were carried out. The compliance certificates would provide evidence that the same had been carried out in accordance with Building Regulations Approval. In some cases, the same also provide for Guarantees in respect of the works, which would also be requested. 
Copies of any relevant Planning Permissions would be requested and an enquiry raised to confirm that any Conditions of the same have been fully observed and complied with. 
The NHBC Certificate would be requested, to evidence the works have been carried out in accordance with the set standard, together with the 10 year Guarantee. 
‘Is the property structurally complete, and fit and ready for occupation?’, would also be asked, in anticipation of a response to confirm any outstanding works. 
There would be a number of further enquiries that would be raised in this matter, however, as above, each property is different and our solicitors in Preston would require sight of the Contract package before raising any issues. 
Our conveyancing solicitors Preston would also discuss any issues raised with you, and keep you fully updated and informed in respect of the same throughout your conveyancing transaction. If, therefore, there are any issues you feel require clarity, then we will simply raise the question. Our team pride themselves on the service provided to clients and will ensure they are 100% happy for you to proceed with the purchase and that you are aware of any potential issues. 
If you are purchasing a property, or have any other conveyancing enquiry, contact our team of solicitors in Preston for a fixed-fee and no obligation quote from our team. Get in touch today at
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