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5G internet - is it 5 stars?
The UK seems to have another promise to deliver rapid internet services to everyone within a short number of years. Whether by fitting Fibre-Broadband or making 5G the norm, there appears to be much agreement between politicians, businesses and providers that this would be generally well received. 
In the case of Fibre Broadband, it appears to be losing the battle in favour of 5G, simply by virtue of the fact that delivering connections to areas outside major towns and cities appears unviable. So, 5G appears to be winning the battle and with it come new concerns over the safety of yet another set of transmitters, giving out another type of radiation, which could potentially cause harm to humans. 
Whilst there is some debate over whether mobile phone masts increase the risk of cancers and other illness (some extreme campaigners blame the Coronavirus outbreak on a 5G rollout in Wuhan, China) an independent study by OfCom, who are responsible for regulating the communications industry, leads them to believe that there is no danger and that radiation levels from 5G masts are negligible. 

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Whilst this may, ultimately, seem like a “non-story”, this is exactly what should be happening and so the news is welcome, although doubtless many would like to have the results backed up by further studies from independent researchers, it appears that 5G is one step closer to becoming the UK’s next internet service carrier. 
This kind of study is important because as MG Legal, your local accident injury solicitor, knows it is all about taking reasonable measures to keep the public safe. This is a cornerstone of our daily lives, where we assume that those in power to make decisions, will make them with proper knowledge and guidance and take reasonable steps to keep us safe. In this instance, it is the nationwide assessment of the potential dangers of a new mobile internet service, but it also includes more mundane aspects of our lives such as maintaining roads and pavements for example. 
MG Legal, your local accident injury solicitor, is often approached by individuals who have been injured by failings at some basic level such as a failure to maintain a pavement or footpath, failure to maintain local council property such as a council house or accidents in council run services such as schools, nurseries or by their agents, such as refuse collectors. Every individual is owed a duty of care by their local authority as well as the government as a whole. So, whether this comes in the form of risk assessing a nationwide, revolutionary change in internet services, or something as simple as fixing a broken paving stone or pothole, you are owed that duty of care and if you are injured as a result, you are entitled to make a claim to recover compensation plus any other financial losses incurred as a result. 
Should you believe you have been injured as a result of a lack of care, foresight or by negligence on the part of anyone, please do not hesitate to contact MG Legal, your local accident injury solicitors. We aim to accept all personal injury cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) and we have offices in Lancaster, Garstang and Longridge. If you would like to discuss a claim, please get in touch with our offices and we will get your claim moving the same day. 
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