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When you are divorcing your spouse, you may hear terms thrown around, either by the Court or your Solicitors in Lancaster, such as Consent Order or Clean Break or Financial Remedy. It can be very overwhelming! However, our team of expert family law solicitors can provide you with advice and guidance on how to finalise matters as quickly and as stress-free as possible. 
With fixed fees and free initial consultations available by appointment, our family law team can assist you with financial matters and, to help you along your way, have complied a list of 5 mistakes to avoid when dealing with financial matters relating to divorce proceedings. 
So, without further ado, here’s our team of Solicitors in Lancaster’s list:- 

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Don’t avoid matters 
Solicitors in Lancaster’s top tip is DO NOT AVOID PROCEEDINGS! Whilst it can seem like it will all go away if you just ignore it, it won’t. If anything, you can end up causing yourself problems in the long run. So, don’t ignore documents from your spouse or their solicitor or the Court. Contact MG Legal, Solicitors in Lancaster, and ask them for advice on how to deal with matters. 
Try not to be too rigid 
Whilst you may know exactly what you want, and what you are not willing to give to your spouse, it is helpful to go into proceedings with an open mind, and bear in mind that the Court’s main concern is usually the children of the parties, and ensuring that they will have a roof over their heads and money to live with the primary carer (the parent who has majority care or live-with care). After this, the Court’s concern is with equality, wherever possible. 
However, if you are not co-operative then the Court cannot easily achieve an outcome, so you may feel like you end up losing out. Our team can advise you on the best way forward, and what sort of reasonable offers you may be able to put forward, based on your individual circumstances. 
Make sure that you’re honest 
You may think that you need to put aside some savings in a ‘nest egg’ to make sure you have money left over. Sadly, this could cause you to look dishonest. Our team’s advice? Be up-front and frank about what money you have, and what savings you hold. If there’s a legitimate reason that your spouse isn’t entitled to the money, speak to our team: we can help advise you on how to reach a fair settlement. 
Help us to help you 
You may think that when you instruct our team of family law solicitors, you don’t have to do anything else. This isn’t the case. Whilst you are instructing us to advise you, provide you with guidance and draft documents on your behalf, we still need your full co-operation and help to make sure that your case runs smoothly. Whilst we’re the experts in family law, we’re not experts on your personal life at the start of your matter, and we need your help to finalise your matter. 
Act as rationally as possible 
We see it often: people lash out when they are upset and dealing with a hard process, however, this won’t help you to move on with your life. By trying to stay calm and reasonable about what you expect from your matter, our team can help you to achieve a final result quicker and fairly. 
Unfortunately, every case is different, and it’s impossible to tell you all the do’s-and-don’ts in one blog post. So, for expert advice and guidance, contact our team of expert family law solicitors, here, or email to get the ball rolling. 
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