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We’re often asked by new enquiries at our offices in Preston and Lancaster, why they (the enquirer) needs a Will. 
Well, here are the top five reasons our team of Wills solicitors in Preston can give:- 

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One word, FAMILY. Avoid Family ‘Disputes’ (full-scale arguments over who-gets-what) 
Ensuring that you have a valid Will in place will make sure that your family and friends know who you want to receive your estate when you die. It could help to prevent any arguing between family members, and to help prevent any misunderstandings between your loved ones. No matter how many times our clients say ‘my children get on really well, they would never argue’, our local Wills solicitors see it all too often: siblings fighting over their parent’s tea set, over the family photo albums, or over the rather expensive diamond engagement ring left by grandma. This can also be particularly important if you are unmarried, cohabitees, or if you would want your stepchildren, or more distant relatives to inherit something. 
Appoint someone to look after your children or pets 
No one wants to think about what would happen to their children if they’re still minors when you die, or who would look after your furry friends, but it’s important to do this; to make sure they’re taken care of. 
Sadly, those parents who die leaving minor children, without leaving a Will, can expect a guardian to be appointed by the Court: would you rather make this decision yourself, or leave this to someone who doesn’t know you or your loved ones. 
You decide who handles your estate and your affairs 
When you make your Will, you get to choose who to appoint as your Executor (or Executors, if more than one) and Trustee of your Will. They will be responsible for paying your debts or bills, making sure everyone is notified of your death (i.e. your pension company, your gas or electric suppliers, your bank), and they will be responsible for collecting and distributing your assets, as per your Will. 
By making sure you finalise your Will, you have control over who carries out this task. If you don’t have a Will, it will be left to your closest blood relative, which you can find out about on our Wills solicitors in Preston’s blog, here. If there isn’t anyone, your friends don’t have a right to step-in: eventually, ‘the crown’ will deal with your estate. 
You can protect your assets 
A will which is drafted by our team of Wills solicitors in Preston can help you to take steps to protect your assets from being taken by your spouse’s care home fees, or from being given to someone who you don’t want to receive them. 
This is, surely, something that everyone wants! 
You could help your loved ones (friends and family, alike) 
Losing your loved one is never easy: by making sure you have a valid Will in place, you can make sure your loved ones are comforted by the fact that they are carrying out your last wishes, properly. You could make specific gifts, to help take care of your loved ones, even when you’re not around. 
You can provide them with additional information they need, for example in a letter of wishes, to explain your funeral wishes (i.e. if you want to be buried or cremated), and even tell them your wishes about songs, flowers and the complexity of your service. This can help your family know what you want, without needing to discuss everything in great detail during your lifetime. 
From our Wills Solicitor’s list, you can see that there are plenty of good reasons to make sure you have a Will in place: whether you don’t think you have enough ‘assets’ to need a Will, or whether you are worried that you’re too young, STOP: your Will is an important document. Make sure you get it in place as soon as possible. 
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