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Our medical negligence solicitors discuss the concerns over faulty medical equipment being used by the NHS. 

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Our medical negligence solicitors have been made aware of a worrying NHS report that has arisen from a freedom of information request made by Channel 4. The inquest has shown that around one in three of our NHS Trusts are using imaging equipment that is obsolete, and may be leading to medical misdiagnosis for patients, and causing unnecessary harm or even death to some. Read on to learn more, and what the impact of faulty medical equipment can be for patients. 

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What does the NHS say about medical imaging equipment? 

According to an NHS England report that was published in 2020, all imaging equipment over the age of 10 years should be replaced. The report claims that: “CT and MRI machines start to become technically obsolete at 10 years. Older kit breaks down frequently, is slower, and produces poorer quality images, so upgrading is critical.” 
This revelation by the NHS shows the importance of accurate and high-quality medical equipment and imaging equipment, with these scanners being used to diagnose a huge range of medical conditions from cancer to bone damage. 

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What risk does faulty medical equipment pose? 

With 27.1% of trusts in NHS England using a CR scanner that is over 10 years old, and 34.5% of trusts using an MRI scanner over 10 years of age, the problem is large-scale. The standards set by NHS England and not being met in a huge number of NHS Trusts across the country. Most worryingly, the London North West university healthcare trust was found to be working with over half of their MRI scanners being 16 years old. 
With equipment of this age being used, it is likely that imaging equipment will begin to become faulty and will not work to the same standard that it should. All medical equipment and medical devices go through rigorous testing before being deemed safe for use, and even then they must be maintained, checked, and cleaned in particular ways in order to be safe to use on patients. 
The importance of high-quality imaging equipment is further highlighted in a worrying growth of concerns coming from coroners, with a number of prevention of death reports revealing that staff shortages and a lack of radiology imaging equipment playing a role in the death of patients. 

Do you believe that you have been injured because of faulty medical equipment? 

If you have suffered from injury and illness, and believe that this might have been due to faulty medical equipment, or obsolete medical equipment, then you could be eligible to make a no win no fee medical negligence claim with MG Legal. MG Legal’s specialist medical negligence solicitors are here to help you with your defective medical equipment claim today, always on a no win no fee basis. 
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