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Perhaps something that was once only undertaken by celebrities, now-a-days more and more of us are considering and having surgery to help us achieve a ‘perfect’ body. 
Sadly, whilst our team of injury compensation solicitors understand why some people feel that plastic surgery is their best option, as part of our jobs, we have to deal with the sad consequences of people whose surgery has gone wrong. 

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One such case made headlines recently. Leah Cambridge, 29, from Leeds, was a beautician who felt that she had to have a ‘Brazilian butt lift’ due to her paranoia about her body. Having saved up thousands of pounds, Leah flew to Turkey last August to have the surgery carried out. 
Unfortunately, Leah didn’t make it through the operation, and an inquest held at Wakefield Coroners’ Court heard that the procedure was banned in the UK, pending further investigations into the dangers of having the surgery carried out. Mr Withey, a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon told the Court that the he believed that Leah may not have been fully aware of the risks involved with a butt lift, and just how dangerous they can be. In England and Wales, medical professionals are duty bound to disclose risks to satisfy the criteria of informed consent (thus meaning that the patient is made aware of the chances of personal injury/death, and has given consent, based upon the information given, to proceed with the surgery). 
Leah’s mother, who travelled with Leah for the operation, explained how she felt like her daughter was rushed through the paperwork surrounding the procedure, so that the hospital in Turkey could carry out the procedure as quickly as possible. 
Whilst Leah’s case is extremely sad, our team would like to use the case to illustrate the importance of ensuring that you know the risks of any surgery that you’re having carried out. 
Make sure your thoroughly read all the paperwork before you undergo any surgery, and if, at any point, you feel like you aren’t aware of the risks, make sure you ask for more information. 
If you’re injured during surgery, and you weren’t fully informed of the risks, or you’ve been injured due to the fault of the surgeon, doctor or dentist, then don’t hesitate; contact our team of expert injury compensation solicitors today at your local office, or email
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