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How long will my property sale take? 

The time that it will take between you accepting an offer on your property, and the eventual completion day, will depend on numerous factors.  
Generally speaking, the sale of a freehold property will take around 8-10 weeks, whereas a leasehold sale averages at around 10-12 weeks. Still, both of these can vary hugely. 
The most common factor affecting this time-scale is the complexities of the property chain at hand, and how many parties are included in the chain. However, there are a number of other things that can cause potential delays in the conveyancing process. 

Get in touch and talk to an expert property conveyancing solicitor today. 

MG Legal's expert property solicitors are experienced in dealing with all aspects of residential and commercial property sales and purchases. 
Our property solicitors understand that buying or selling a property is an extremely exciting time, but can also become overwhelming. Keep the process hassle-free, and leave the conveyancing to our conveyancing experts, who will guide you through the process in a no-nonsense way. 
MG Legal allow you to focus on the excitement of your new home, with the help of our friendly team who work with you, not just for you. 

What can delay the conveyancing process? 

As previosuly mentioned, there are numerous different factors that play a role in determining how long your property sale will take, and numerous things that can cause unwanted delays in the process. 
These include: 
Communication problems at a point within the property chain 
The buyer’s Local Authority searches being delayed 
Problems with the buyer’s mortgage 
A party failing to properly instruct their conveyancing solicitor 

How can I speed up my property sale? 

If we’re honest there is not a lot that can be done to avoid delays; MG Legal’s property solicitors are extremely pro-active. That said, there are one or two things that can be done to make the transaction smoother: 
1. Instruct our expert conveyancing solicitors as early as possible. It is recommended that you do so before, or at the same time as, putting your property on the market. By doing this, our expert solicitors can be actively involved in the entire process, offering advice on every step, and ensuring that everything is done properly. This is the best way to avoid unwanted delays. 
2. Fill out all of the necessary forms our carefully, avoiding making silly mistakes that could cause subsequent delays.  
3. Remember to remain realistic. We have already outlined the expected timescale for the sale of your house or property above, and indentified the potential delays that can occur. There may be websites promising a house sale in under a month, but this is extremely unrealistic.  
Here at MG Legal, our expert property solicitors are highly knowledgable on all aspects of conveyancing and know exactly what is included in the process of selling your property. When you instruct our solicitors, you can rest assured that everything will be dealt with both on time, and in a thorough manner to ensure that everything is completed properly. Contact MG Legal now via or call 01995 602 129 . 
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