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How do you sue a beauty salon? 

If you have found yourself on this page, then you could well be wondering, ‘can I sue a beauty salon?’, ‘was my beauty treatment negligent?’, or ‘what is a beauty treatment claim?’, well MG Legal’s specialist beauty treatment claim solicitors are here to answer all of your questions, below. 

Can I sue a beauty salon? 

It is more than possible to sue a beauty salon, and this is done by making a beauty treatment claim, with the help of MG Legal. 
A beauty treatment claim is a legal personal injury claim against a beauty salon, where they are sued for injuries sustained to a customer. The basis of a beauty treatment claim is to prove that the injuries that you have sustained as the customer were caused by negligence on behalf of the beautician or beauty practitioner. 
Beauty treatment claims are a niche aspect of personal injury claims, and MG Legal’s team of beauty treatment claims solicitors are some of the most established in the country. 

What is the claims process to sue a beauty salon? 

After you reach out to us, and have a no-obligation discussion of your claim with one of our expert solicitors, then if we decide to accept your case, we will do so on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. 
At this point, your personally appointed solicitor will reach out to the defendant, or the beauty salon, and inform them that we intent to instruct on your behalf in filing a beauty claim for personal injury. 
If we do decide to take on your NO WIN NO FEE case, we will then get to work on building your personal injury claim against a beauty salon to be as strong as it can be, through a robust beauty treatment claim. 
In most cases, the defending beauty salon involved in the case will accept liability for the injuries of the client, allowing their designated beauty treatment claims solicitor to begin the process of obtaining them the maximum amount of financial compensation for the claim. 
However, in a small minority of cases, the beauty salon does not admit liability for the injuries, and the case will be taken to court. In this instance, our specialist beauty claims solicitors will go above and beyond to ensure that the case is won, and financial compensation is won on behalf of our client. The success of our team is evident in our unmatched success rate of over 99%. 

Am I eligible to sue a beauty salon? 

Beauty treatment claims essentially have one aim, to prove that you have sustained a genuine injury that was caused by the negligent actions of the beautician or beauty salon you went to. 
The first part of this means obtaining reliable medical reports that show that you have sustained physical injuries, like blisters, cuts, burns, or scars. It is not possible to simply make a beauty treatment claim for a beauty treatment gone wrong, or not up to standard. 
The second part, and where you need the help of a specialist beauty treatment claims solicitor, is when it comes to successfully proving that these injuries were caused by negligence on behalf of the beauty salon. This could be a number of things, from failing to perform a patch test, to failing to obtain a full consent form. 
For more information on beauty negligence, get in touch with our specialist beauty treatment claims solicitors, here, for a no-obligation chat. 
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