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Holiday, hotel and resort personal injury compensation claim solicitors 

After saving all year for two weeks in the sun, when you arrive at your holiday destination, you expect the hotel, resort and surrounding areas to be hazard free, and free from defects that can cause injury to you and your family.  
Unfortunately, not all holiday resorts are as safe as they should be, and injuries to our families and loved ones are common. To discuss any holiday, hotel and resort personal injury claim, contact MG Legal’s expert holiday injury solicitors, and we will do our best to accept your claim on a no win no fee basis. 

Why choose MG Legal? 

MG Legal’s expert team of dedicated holiday accident compensation solicitors can be contacted here. Dedicated to winning your case, we are always on hand to answer questions and queries. With a success rate for our no win no fee personal injury claims, in excess of 99%, choose MG Legal for your holiday personal injury compensation claim. 

Can I claim if I am injured in my hotel abroad? 

If you are injured in a hotel or resort on holiday, and this was as result of someone else’s negligence, then you can make a claim for personal injury just the same as you can claim for personal injury in a hotel in the UK. MG Legal’s team of expert holiday personal injury solicitors accept instruction on a no win no fee basis,  
If you have been injured in your hotel on holiday, and are thinking of making a claim for personal injury compensation, then give our expert holiday illness and injury solicitors a call for a no cost, no obligation chat about how we can help you pursue a no win no fee claim for injury compensation. 
Our solicitors have won personal injury compensation for hundreds of clients injured in their hotel. Some of the examples of the clients we have helped obtain personal injury compensation, plus the costs of their holiday, are found, below:  

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Slips, Trips and falls - this includes personal injury caused by wet or defective flooring, in the hotel, resort or around the swimming pool. No handrails on the stairs, or in the shower, or injury caused by no warning signs in place, warning of danger. Falls from balconies and slides. 
Cuts, burns and electrocution - MG Legal’s clients have successfully pursued travel providers for personal injury sustained as a result of resorts giving faulty glasses, and cutlery, defective electrical equipment, such as hairdryers and plug sockets in their hotel room, and illness caused by poor hygiene practices at the resort. 
Sporting injuries - Many resorts offer sporting activities, and events for children and adults. If you are injured as a result of faulty sports equipment, uneven flooring, lack of supervision or training, MG Legal’s expert holiday injury solicitors can take on your claim on a no win no fee basis. 
Defective sun loungers - when one our clients was relaxing on a sun lounger after working out round the pool, and the sun lounger collapsed, injuring our client’s neck, back and shoulders, he emailed our holiday injury team injury@mglegal.co.uk, and we got his claim for personal injury started before he was back in the uk. 
Get in touch today to start your claim for personal injury compensation 
MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

What evidence do I need to pursue a holiday accident personal injury claim? 

Make sure that your holiday injury reported to a holiday and staff at the hotel. 
Take witness details, no matter where the witnesses may be from- in a world of Facebook, Whatapp and email, no matter where the witnesses live, we can communicate with them. 
Take photographs of the cause of the incident, such as broken glass in the swimming pool, a broken sun lounger, a defective step, or broken glass or plate. Report the injury, accident or illness to the hotel staff, tour rep or your travel company right at the time of the accident itself. 
If you are injured, or ill on holiday and need to see a doctor or go to the hospital, keep receipts of all travelling and prescription expenses you incur which were directly associated with the accident. These are not only refundable, but can be used to prove your injury and help you claim compensation. 
If you make a trip to the hospital or seek medical advice from a private doctor, keep all medical records, prescriptions and recommendations that you get from the doctor. 
Ask for a copy of your medical notes- this may come at a small cost, but saves a lot of time for your personal injury solicitor requesting them from a foreign country at a later date. 

Who do I claim from if I am injured or ill on holiday? 

In order to support any claim for holiday injury compensation, subject to the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 you must be able to prove that the accident or injury was due to the negligence of the tour operator, travel agent. the hotel, or hotel staff, which is their representative, were responsible for your injury. If you booked flights, and then your accommodation, in two completely separate transactions, then your claim for holiday injury compensation would be against the hotel. If the hotel is in a foreign country, this would mean that any claim would be made subject to the laws of the country where the hotel and resort are based. 

How much compensation will I receive if I am injured on holiday? 

There is no one answer that we can give in response to this question. Every one of MG Legal’s clients are different, the injuries the sustain vary, as do the effects on their lives. From injuries to the head, neck and upper body, to broken ankles and legs as a result of a lack of warning signs around the swimming pool. Personal injury compensation, often called general damages, is based upon the nature and severity of the injuries sustained, and to the area of the body affected. 
The best way to answer the question of, how much personal injury compensation will I receive, is to contact MG Legal’s holiday injury compensation solicitors and we will ensure that the best medical treatment is sought for you, and a medical report is compiled, detailing all of your injuries, and how your life has been affected as a result of your injury sustained on holiday. Compensation is broken down into two parts- General Damages, and Special Damages.  
Contact our offices, tell us what's happened to cause your injury, and we will tell you if you have a claim, and give you an estimate of how much compensation you could receive. There's no obligation, and we'll help put you on the right track for starting a no win no fee claim for holiday accident compensation.  

How long do I have to make a claim if I was injured on holiday? 

The Limitation Act 1980 states that, in most cases at least, an injured party has 3 years to make a claim for personal injury compensation, with minors, meaning children under the age of 18, have 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday. However, if you booked your holiday directly with a foreign hotel, tour operator, or resort, time limits will probably differ depending on the country you were in, and the time limit to claim could be as short as months. Contact our expert holiday injury solicitors and we will walk you through the claims process, and put your mind at rest. 

Will my claim for holiday injury compensation be accepted on a no win no fee basis? 

If you have suffered a personal injury or illness on holiday, then it is MG Legal’s stance that you should not have to pay up front legal costs to get access to justice. MG Legal are proud to say that our holiday claims solicitors accept all personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to our clients. Contact us today and we will tell you instantly if you can claim on a no win no fee basis. 

Why should I choose MG Legal for my holiday accident injury claim? 

MG Legal’s small, dedicated specialist personal injury solicitors take pride in their work. Unlike conveyor belt firms, or claims companies, as seen on daytime TV, when you instruct MG Legal to make a claim for holiday injury compensation, you are in safe hands. Our team have settled thousands of personal injury claims for people holidaying all over the world. Our team are extremely knowledgeable, and always at the end of the ‘phone, should you wish to discuss your claim. Choose MG Legal and you will be allocated one of our expert personal injury solicitors; you will only ever deal with that same solicitor, until your claim for personal injury compensation is settled. 
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