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Do horses need insurance to be on the road? 

The British Horse Society recommends that horse owners take out a Public Liability Insurance Policy to cover accidental or unintended damage caused by their horse, to other road users. However, the extent of these policies is limited and horse owners and riders are in the same position legally as cyclists.  
This does not mean that you are unable to pursue a personal injury claim, there is no legal link between insurance and the right to bring a claim and it is not unusual for various insurance policies, such as home insurance or credit card insurance to have ‘added extras’ that cover situations such as this.  
If you have been injured in a road traffic accident involving a horse, give our friendly team of personal injury solicitors a call, here, and we will be more than happy to discuss your claim for personal injury compensation. 

How can horses be involved in Road Traffic Accidents? 

In many parts of the UK, horses are a common sight on the road, whether being ridden, walked or pulling carriages or carts. Owners, drivers or drivers of horses or horse-drawn vehicles owe other road users the same duty of care that all other road users do. At MG Legal, we want to see the right result for you and so, whether your horse was involved in an incident that was someone else’s fault or a horse was responsible for your injuries, our road traffic accident personal injury solicitors will do all that we can to ensure you receive a fair, comprehensive settlement for your losses. 
Common incidents involving horses include: 
Out of control horse 
Improperly fitted (or no) equipment 
Inexperienced rider 
Riding more than two abreast 
Vehicles speeding past horses 
failure to signal or give way 
using the wrong type of (cycle/bridle)path 
Horses can often be unpredictable, moving unexpectedly or being ’spooked’ by everyday objects, but they are also permitted to travel on the road and so, it is up to everyone, driver, rider or pedestrian to be considerate and to look after each other. Horses are covered under the Highway Code, the Animals Act 1971 and as ever, a Common Law duty applies to the person responsible for them. 845 incidents involving horses on the road were reported to the British Horse Society between February 2018 and February 2019. Given some three million people regularly participate in horse riding in the UK, the figures quoted are only the incidents which were reported to one organisation and so these incidents are far from rare occurrences. 
Falls from horses as a result of negligence on the part of other road users often include serious injuries and MG Legal’s horse road traffic accident personal injury solicitors have seen every type of injury possible. These range from fractures to the arms, legs and spine, facial injuries, brain injuries and various crush injuries meaning that this type of incident can be far from minor and the personal injury long-lasting. 
Should you sustain injury, MG Legal’s specialist Road Traffic Accident personal injury team will make every effort to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve, as swiftly as possible. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading road traffic accident solicitors accept all of our road traffic accident claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
Our team put your first, and work with care to achieve your financial compensation. Call us today on a free, no-obligation basis at: 01772 783314 
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How much is my horse road traffic accident claim worth? 

If you are looking to make a horse road traffic accident claim, you could be wondering how much your potential claim might be worth. This will depend on your injuries, and how severe they are. The claim will be broken down into a numbe rof different elements, many of which come under special damages that are worked out on a case to case basis. For the inuries alone, and the pain and suffering that they have caused, MG Legal have piut together this table to offer you guidance on what your claim may be worth. 
Description of injury 
Maximum compensation available 
Very severe brain damage after a horse road traffic accident 
Moderate brain damage caused by a horse road traffic accident 
Less severe brain damage from a horse road traffic accident 
Severe back injuries- with damage to the spinal chord and nerve roots 
Moderate back injuries after a horse road traffic accident 
Minor back injuries caused by a horse road traffic accident 
Severe leg injuries after a horse road traffic accident 
Less severe leg injuries because of a horse road traffic accident 
Severe shoulder injuries caused by a horse traffic accident 
Moderate shoulder injuries caused by a horse traffic accident 

What evidence do I need to make a horse road traffic accident personal injury claim? 

Often this type of incident comes down to the versions of events provided by the parties involved. However, should you have helmet- or dash-cam footage of the incident this can be invaluable. At the scene, if safe to do so, obtain the full contact details of any witnesses and make sure if you speak to the police, you are very clear about your actions as the police officer will write down exactly what you say.  
Again, if it is safe to do so, take pictures or video of the scene, the position of any vehicles and road markings showing you had priority and that you and your horse were properly equipped with safety equipment such as ‘hi-vis’ vests. You should also take pictures of any damaged items such as clothing, safety equipment, vehicles or possessions and any injuries, particularly cuts, bruises and lumps as these often heal before you are seen by a medical expert. If in doubt, seek medical attention from your GP or local Emergency Department, these records can also be obtained to help evidence your personal injury claim. 

What losses can I recover from a horse road traffic accident claim? 

As with any other type of personal injury claim you can recover any losses caused by the negligence of the fault party, known as special damages. See a full overview of general and special damages, here. In this case as well as personal injury compensation, once liability is admitted, you can recover vet bills, property damage, vehicle damage, lost earnings, physiotherapy charges, travel expenses and insurance policy excesses to name but a few possible losses. When MG Legal settle your horse road traffic accident personal injury claim, we will make sure that your settlement is comprehensive and that you are not out of pocket for your losses, as well as having the maximum settlement for your personal injury too. 

Why choose MG Legal: 

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Does MG Legal act for horse owners or car drivers? 

Like all good solicitors, MG Legal don’t pre-judge anyone and we don’t pick sides; until you instruct us, that is, then we’re on your side all the way. However you were involved in a horse road traffic accident, MG Legal will assess your claim with a view to accepting instruction on a No Win No Fee basis, and we will aim to secure the most favourable settlement possible for you, whether you were riding on a horse, a bicycle, motorcycle or driving a car. To discuss pursuing a road traffc accident involving a horse, simply get in touch with our personal injury specialists, here, and we will be able to set your mind at rest straight away. 
Get in touch today to speak to a No Win No Fee Solicitor. 

Why should I instruct MG Legal for my horse road traffic accident personal injury claim? 

MG Legal’s personal injury specialists have been dealing with all types of road traffic accident claims for the better part of two decades. There isn’t much, if anything, that surprises us these days and so, whatever your type of claim, however the incident happened, we’re used to taking it in our stride and looking at the best way to successfully conclude your claim. With a success rate of over 99% we want you to feel confident that when we take your claim on, you will get the best possible outcome. Every personal injury claim is accepted on a No Win No Fee basis to ensure that in the stressful period after such incidents, you have immediate access to legal representation by a fully qualified solicitor at no financial risk to you, our client. We are not a “conveyor belt” firm, our clients are individuals, not a file reference and we pride ourselves on our standards of client care. MG Legal’s personal injury specialists are always approachable and we ensure that your file is handled by the same solicitor from start to finish, someone you can speak to about your claim and who knows the full details because you are their client. MG Legal’s goal is to improve our already excellent local reputation and to ensure that if you, or one of your family or friends, ever have need of a solicitor, you feel confident coming back or recommending us because we have exceeded your expectations as a client. 
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