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Go-Karting Injury Claims 

Go-karting can be an exhilarating pastime and sport for children and adults alike to enjoy. Zipping round the track in a kart with no worries of traffic or potholes to slow you down can be a welcome source of fun for many of us. 
Whether you’re attending a local go-karting venue for a day out or a children’s party, or taking part in a competitive go-karting race, the venue has strict safety rules and regulations that they must stick to in order to keep visitors safe and prevent injury. 
If you have suffered from injuries that were not your fault while taking part in a go-karting competition, or attending a go-karting venue, then you could be eligible to make a sports injury claim for financial compensation. Get in touch here to speak to one of our specialist solicitors. 

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What is a go-karting injury claim? 

A go-karting injury claim is a claim for financial compensation against a go-karting venue or a go-karting business. A go-karting injury claim can be made if you have suffered from injuries in an accident while go-karting, or at a go-karting venue, that was not your fault. 
In this injury claim, it will be up to your specialist injury solicitor to prove that your injuries were caused by the negligence actions of somebody else. When this is proved, then you will receive financial compensation for your injuries. 

Who will my go-karting injury claim be against? 

Generally speaking, most go-karting injury claims are made against the company or business who are responsible for the running of the track, and the safety of their visitors. When you make a claim, the go-karting venue will pass the claim onto their public liability insurers, taking the handling of the matter out of the venue's hands, and into the hands of the insurers to deal with, just the same as if it you had an accident in a vehicle on the road.  
As part of their public liability duty of care, go-karting businesses must take a number of measures to ensure that their guests and visitors are kept safe, and that the risk of injury is kept at a minimum. 
These measures include: 
Maintaining all go-karts and tracks to a high standard- this includes regular safety checks of karts, and making sure that there are no obstacles or debris on the tracks 
Ensuring that all karts have working seatbelts and that all passengers in the karts are strapped in correctly 
Providing adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmets, gloves, and full overalls 
Providing adequate instruction beforehand on how to safely use the karts 
Making sure that drivers are aware of the risk involved in go-karting, and the importance of driving safely 
Properly supervise and watch the races to act quickly on any unsafe behaviour or accidents 
If you have visited a go-karting venue, and have suffered injuries due to the company breaking this duty of care in any way, then you could be eligible to make a go-karting injury claim with a specialist sporting injury solicitor. 

How much is my go-karting accident claim worth? 

If you are looking into learning how much your potential go-karting accident claim may be worth, it is important to remember that each claim is valued on an individual basis. Part of the compensation involved is known as special damages, and is calculated based on your individual situation. 
For your injuries alone, you could be awarded compensation for pain and suffering. The below table outlines the guidance offered by the Judicial College on these injuries. 
Type of injury: 
Maximum compensation available: 
Severe back injuries- with damage to the spinal chord and nerve roots 
Moderate back injuries because of a go-karting accident 
Minor back injuries after a go-karting accident 
Whiplash after a go-karting accident- involving soft tissue and disc lesion of the more severe type 
Whiplash after a go-karting accident- minor soft tissue injuries 
Loss of one leg because of a go-karting accident 
Severe leg injuries after a go-karting accident 
Less severe leg injuries due to a go-karting accident 

What to do after a go-karting accident: 

If you or your child have been injured in a go-karting accident that was not your fault, then there are a number of steps that you can take in order to help your future go-karting injury claim. 
MG Legal have put together a helpful step-by-step guide below, of what to do after a go-karting injury: 
Seek medical attention- your health and well-being is of top importance after any accident. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you should visit your local GP or A&E as soon as possible after the accident in order to get the best treatment, and to ensure that your injuries are documented and included in your medical records. This can also help with the validity of your subsequent go-karting injury claim. 
Report the accident at the venue- another tip to officially record your accident and injuries is to file a formal, written complaint at the go-karting venue. Make sure you keep a copy of the report as it can be useful in your injury claim. 
Take photographs of your injuries and the accident location- if the negligence causing your accident was obvious, such as no seatbelt being fitted in your go-kart, then you should take photographic evidence of this incident at the time. You should also take photographs of your injuries after the incident as they first appeared. This will allow your injury solicitor to include evidence of the injuries in your claim. 
Gather contact details for anybody who witnessed the accident- if you were injured in a crash or a similar kind of accident, and there were people around at the time. 
Get in touch with a specialist sporting injury solicitors such as MG Legal to see whether you have a claim for sporting injury compensation. 

Why choose MG Legal for my go-karting injury claim? 

If you are looking for a specialist sporting injury solicitor to accept your go-karting injury claim on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, then look no further than MG Legal. Our team of sporting injury solicitors have over 30 years of experience in sporting injury claims just like yours, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
We work closely with our clients to build their injury claims to be as strong and robust as possible, and enlist the help of specialist medical experts to produce full, in-depth medical reports of our clients’ injuries. 
When we accept your NO WIN NO FEE claim, you are able to go forward with your sporting injury claim at no financial risk, and in the knowledge that your claim is in the hands of a reliable specialist sporting injury solicitor, who will go above and beyond to win financial compensation on your behalf. 
For more information about MG Legal’s expert team, and how we can help with your go-karting injury claim, simply get in touch with us here, or email us at
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