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Price rises in ‘free from’ foods mean parents of kids with allergies can no longer afford them 

Parents of kids with allergies say they cannot afford necessary 'free from' and other alternative foods because of rising costs. 
Typically, children and adults who have allergies supplement their diets with 'free from' food and drink which are often fortified with vitamins and calcium, to replace vital nutrients the kids won’t get from the milk, cheese, nuts or fruit they’re allergic to. 
However, parents have spoken out about how they're now unable to afford the alternatives for their kids, or are left making tough choices in order to buy these necessary foods 
What do parents say? 
One mum said she and her partner are "probably eating less than we should" to be able to afford 'free from' foods for their children. 
Meanwhile, a survey by The Allergy Team last year found that some families go without some products because the cost of alternative products they buy due to food allergy has gone up much more than other items and nearly 70% of people quizzed said they shop at 3 or more different supermarkets to find all the 'free from' products they need. 
Food prices have risen massively during the cost-of-living crisis, with 'free from' foods bearing the brunt of rising costs. 
How much have they gone up? 
While The Allergy Team found that Alpro's Growing Up Milk had increased in price from £1.40 to £1.70 in a year, it's currently on sale for £1.90 at Tesco a hike of 50p, and 20p since the survey results were announced. 
Meanwhile, the same dairy-free margarine, which cost £1.50 in January 2021 now costs £2.15 in major supermarkets. 
The study found that 7 out of 10 parents asked said they'd seen prices increase over a year, for foods they rely on to keep their children safe. 
A separate study found that this can cost families with allergies a whole lot more money than those who do not have allergies. The average cost for a child with a food allergy in Northern Ireland is £1,414 every year, while the cost for a child with coeliac disease is £1,690. 
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Statement from Lucy Upton 
Paediatric dietitian Lucy Upton said, "kids with allergies need nutritionally sound meals." 
"Parents know that when you’ve got a child with allergies, you need to be making sure their meals are nutritionally sound, particularly when you start excluding more than one food group." 
"In worst-case scenarios, families who are priced out of these products could see their children’s nutritional status, growth, brain development and milestones at risk." 
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