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Road Traffic Accident Compensation Solicitors. 

Along with pedestrians, cyclists, and those on horseback, motorcyclists are classed as vulnerable road users, so it’s no surprise that motorcyclists, in particular, have the highest accident and injury rates per mile travelled of all road user groups. 
If you are a motorcyclist, and have sustained a personal injury as a result of the negligence of another road user, then contact MG Legal today to discuss how we can help you, all on a no win no fee basis. 

Injured by a driver who failed to look at a junction 

According to rule 170 of the UK Highway Code, road users must take extra care when at junctions, including looking out for motorcyclists and other Vulnerable Road Users. When in practice, this is combined with rule 171 and 172 which further specifiy the need for drivers to come to a complete stop, or prepare to do so, at junctions with either a 'STOP' or a 'Give Way' sign present.  
Still, this does not always happen. Many drivers approach junctions at high speeds, and do not allow enough time to look properly and assess the situation of the oncoming traffic before emerging onto a new road. As they are much smaller and less bulky than cars and other vehicles, motorcyclists unfortunately go unnoticed much more often, and therefore get into these kinds of road traffic accidents at a much higher rate. According to statistics released by the Department for Transport, motorcyclists are the group with the highest fatality rates on our roads, with 336 motorcyclists being killed in 2019, and a further 16,224 being injured. We can see from these figures how the smaller nature of motorbikes, as well as the limited protection that they offer, is resulting in a high proportion of unecessary deaths on our roads.  
Here at MG Legal, our expert personal injury solicitors have taken on, and won, many cases where motorcyclists have been in accidents and obtained injuries through the negligent actions of other road users, and their failure to properly look at junctions. In these cases we were able to use witness evidence statements to prove that the driver was at fault and did not properly look at the junction before emerging, and we subsequently won financial compensation for our clients for their injuries.  

Have you been injured in the last three years? 


How long do I have to make my personal injury claim? 

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident, and are looking to make a personal inury claim from it, it is important that you do so within the time frame laid out by the Limitation Act of 1980. It specifies that the claim must be made within three years of when the accident took place in order for it to stand. 
However, there is one exeption to this rule. If the person who the claim is being made for was under the age of eighteen at the time the road traffic accident took place, then they are not eligible to represent themselves in the claimthe claim at the time, and this can only be done so through the appointment of a relative or other representative to pursue the claim. If this does not happen, then the minor has a further three years to pursue the personal injury claim independantly after they turn eighteen. If you have any questions about this process, or wish to make a claim independantly or on behalf of a minor, speak with one of our expert personal injury solicitors today. 

How much compensation will I receive for my personal injury claim? 

If you are reading this, you may be wondering, how much is my motorcycle accident claim worth? Or, what is the average payout for motorcycle accidents? Well, we have you covered. First, it is important to remember that no two road traffic accidents are the same. The amount that you may be eligible to receive as a result of your personal injury claim is competely dependant on the injuries that you have obtained.  
It is also important to remember that the figures shared below are for 'general damages' only, which essentially means the injury itself. You could be entitiled to much more than this, based on things such as your future loss of earnings and compensation for care and assistance. 
Some examples of the amounts that we often see won for different injuries, as stated in the 15th edition of the Judicial College guidelines, are:- 
Leg injuries- In moderate injuries to the legs, consisting of multiple fractures, or severe crushing injuries to one leg, our personal injury specialists have seen amounts of £26,050 to £36,790 awarded. 
Facial Injuries – a serious fracture, or multiple fractures, to the nose requiring an operation to enable the injured person to breathe, and leaving a degree of cosmetic deformity, would attract an award of £9,990 to £21, 700
The figures are rather wide for any facial cosmetic injury as it is one of the areas the judiciary has decided that an injured person's age and sex have an impact on the amount of personal injury compensation. Younger people, in their early 30’s and younger, are usually awarded more compensation for injuries resulting in scarring and deformity. 
Head injuries - Unfortunately, head injuries are fairly common in motorbike accidents. They range from minor concussions and cuts to fatal skull fractures and brain damage. Injuries to the head that have not caused any brain damage can achieve compensatory awards range from £14,380 to £40,410
Those that have caused moderately severe brain damage tend to award around £205,580 to £264,650. While compensation for accidents and injuries resulting in severe cases of brain damage, in which the claimant will be unresponsive and will be in a vegetative state, can range from £264,650 to £379,100. 
Hand Injuries – Our hands are arguably the most important functioning parts of the upper limbs. The Judicial Studies Board recognises this, and with this in mind, the loss of a hand is valued not far short of the amount which one of our injured clients would be awarded for the loss of their arm. 
The total or effective loss of both hands, rendering your hands as almost no use, is valued at between £132,040 and £189,110. This sum is for the personal injury aspect of the claim, alone, and does not include the obviously large sums for lost earnings, care costs, house renovations and changes, travel expenses, and medical expenses. 
Back Injuries- Due to the unsupported impact that motorcycle riders often experience in accidents, back injuries can often occur. Here at MG Legal, local solicitors, we have seen a wide range of back problems that our clients have suffered as a result of their accidents. For minor injuries which are short-term and temporary in nature, claimants can be awarded up to £11,730. 
Mderate back injurues which manifest as long-term problems and continuous pain can acheive rewards of £11,730 to £36,390, while those that cause motor issues and loss of function can bring in £36,390 to £151,070. 

How can MG Legal help me with my personal injury claim? 

Here at MG Legal, our expert team of personal injury solicitorsare fully-qualified, and are well-versed on all Road Traffic Acts. MG Legal's road traffic accident specialists, have a combined knowledge of 30 plus years in the industry, and have extensive experience of dealing with all types of injury and settling claims successfully at all stages of the process. If you entrust us with your claim arising from a motorcycle road traffic accident, you will be joining the hundreds of clients who we have represented, and subsequently won compensation for, in similar situations. Read our reviews, here. 
We have a friendly team of solicitors, and will ensure that you deal with the same person regarding your claim from start to finish, who you can contact directly at any time if you have any concerns or queries about the progression of the claim. Because we are so confident in the abilities and success of our team, we accept all of our personal injury claim's on a No Win No Fee basis, or a Conditional Fee Agreement. This means that if we were to not win the claim for our client, they would not owe us any money and we would not be paid for the work.  

Why choose MG Legal? 

MG Legal’s expert team of personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99% and specialise in road traffic accidents, with many of our clients being injured motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Accidents happen, but the personal injury solicitors at MG Legal don’t believe that you should pay for somebody else’s mistake, so if have been injured, then MG Legal’s trusted personal injury experts can help you, and all on a no win no fee basis, with no messy legal jargon, and no upfront fees to pay.  
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