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Facial bleaching injury compensation claims 

Facial bleaching, or “skin lightening” as it is sometimes known, does very much what the name suggests. The process is intended to lighten the skin tone and minimise the appearance of blemishes such as birthmarks, melasma, acne scars and also facial hair. This entire process is intended to give a more even, lighter coloured skin tone. 
If you have been injured as a result of a facial bleaching procedure, contact MG Legal's personal injury specialists today. 

 MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99%, and settle many thousands of personal injury claims every year. Click below to learn more about our team, and why they are the right solicitors for you.  


What is negligence in the beauty salon field? 

Whenever you enter any business, the owner or proprietor of the premises has a duty to keep you safe, both generally and specifically within whatever service you are receiving.  
In the case of a facial bleaching procedure, there are acceptable risks, but there are strict rules on the standard of care you are supposed to receive from the beautician carrying out your treatment. This includes ensuring that the person treating you has adequate qualification and experience or that if they are training, you are aware of this, and that any trainee is properly supervised. Before, during and after the procedure, reasonable care must be taken to minimise risk and to carry out the procedure to a proper level of skill. If the correct procedures are not carried out, it is highly likely that your beautician has been negligent, and you should contact our team of expert personal injury solicitors as soon as you can.  

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Get in touch today to start your claim for personal injury compensation 
MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

What should I expect from my facial bleaching beauty practitioner? 

Things to look for in any practitioner carrying out a fairly major treatment can be listed as follows: 
Your practitioner should be adequately trained. Don't be afraid to ask what qualifications your beautician has. Most reputable practitioners will have their qualifications displayed on their wall and their website.  
If a trainee is carrying out the procedure they should be trained to a certain level and properly supervised by someone with the relevant qualification. You should also be made aware that the person carrying out your treatment, is a trainee; 
Proper questionnaires prior to starting the treatment; a reputable salon should take your relevant medical history to ensure you do not have any conditions which may be adversely affected by the bleaching treatment; 
Patch testing before the full treatment; a reputable salon would have you attend to do a “patch test” 24-48 hours prior to the treatment.  
Insurance; many practitioners nowadays are sole-traders who often rent rooms or chairs from larger businesses. Just because they are in a bigger salon, or appear to be part of a bigger team, often these individuals are under an obligation to self-insure.  
If your beauty practitioner does not fulfil these criteria, you may wish to look elsewhere for your treatment. If you have been injured as a result of any beauty treatment procedure, and have any questions or queries about pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation, then do not hesitate to contact MG Legal's friendly, expert personal injury solicitors, for a no obligation, no cost chat.  

What kind of compensation can I obtain? 

If any proven negligence results in an injury, you are entitled to claim compensation, a sum of money for any pain and suffering you have experienced, this is known as General Damages. You are also entitled to reimbursement or compensation for additional costs (medical expenses or travel costs) or payment of monies you have not received (most commonly lost earnings) to ensure you are not out of pocket at the end of a claim. 
General Damages are, in the first instance, based on the content of the Judicial Studies Borad Guidelines, a reference book found on the desk or in the briefcase of every solicitor, barrister and judge who is involved in personal injury. The “JSB” as it is known prescribes awards for different type of injury based on recent awards at Court. For example in this scenario, facial injury can attract a variety of awards depending on the severity of the injury and the degree of permanent damage. 
Three examples are: 
Trivial Scarring with minor effect 
£1600.00 - £3310.00 
Significant Scarring visible at a conversational distance 
£16,860.00 - £28,340.00 
Very Severe Scarring which is very disfiguring 
£25,400.00 - £91,350.00 

How do I start my claim? 

Simply get in touch with MG Legal by phone, email or web-contact form and we will make sure you speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor straight away. We don’t operate via agents or a call centre and so, when you contact us, you speak directly to people who will be involved in your case.  
We work hard for each client and because we work on a Conditional Fee (no win no fee) agreement, we ensure that every case that can be, is successful and our success rate of over 99% speaks for itself. Contact MG Legal, specialist beauty treatment solicitors today and we will get the ball rolling straight away. 

Beauty salon treatment negligence claims experts 

If you have suffered negligence in a beauty salon in the last 3 years, MG Legal’s beauty salon negligence experts are ready and able to help you with your beauty treatment claim. Contact us online today, fill in one of our online forms, or drop into your local office for a no obligation chat about how we can help you pursue a claim for no win no fee personal injury compensation. Questions? Queries? Please just get in touch and we will answer any questions you may have.  
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