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E-Cigarette Injury Claims 

When we think of injuries being caused by, or associated with e-cigarettes or e-cigs, many of us might think of long-term injuries and illnesses, such as lung injuries. While the UK authorities are yet to officially note a link between vaping and long-term injury, it should be noted that the United States government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has actually noted a correlation between vaping and e-cigarettes and lung injuries. 
However, when e-cigarettes are defective or faulty, there is a risk of users being seriously injured when things go wrong. Here at MG Legal, our injury solicitors specialise in faulty E-cigarette injury claims just like yours, and accept all of our claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE E-Cigarette injury claim with MG LegalWhat sort of injuries can lead to E-Cigarette injury claims: 

The major risk with faulty E-Cigarettes is that the product can explode while consumers are using it, or when it is in their pockets. When this happens, it can cause a number of extremely painful injuries that lead to long-term damage and injury. 
Some of the most common faulty E-Cigarette injuries that our E-Cigarette injury solicitors see, include: 

What can go wrong with an E-Cigarette? 

So, you might be wondering, with so much talk of the dangers of E-Cigarettes ‘What causes E-Cigarettes to explode?’. Generally speaking, E-Cigarettes are usually very safe, but they can go wronged explode when the lithium battery in the E-Cigarette explodes. When these lithium batteries overheat, they experience something known as ‘thermal runaway’, which causes a flammable gas to be released, which when set alight can cause the E-Cigarette to explode. This can come out of no where for many consumers, causing serious injury to many. 
Another common problem found with E-Cigarettes, is when consumers use the wrong chargers for the E-Cigarette, that did not come with the product and is not compatible with it. When this happens, and a charger that is too strong or has too much power is used, this can also cause the E-Cigarette to overheat. This can also cause the E-Cigarette to explode, or can even lead to jet flames shooting from the product causing serious risk of injury. 

How common are E-Cigarette explosion injuries? 

With regards to the injuries caused by E-Cigarette explosions, or faulty E-Cigarettes, there are no studies or figures that have been produced yet to track the regularity of the injuries. However, when it comes to explosions from faults E-Cigarettes, and the incorrect charging of E-Cigarettes, The London Fire Brigade, in 2020, said they attend an average of 24 fires per week caused by these batteries
With so many explosions happening with these E-Cigarettes, it is no surprise that our E-Cigarette injury solicitors regularly see people who have been injured from these E-Cigarette explosions. If you have been injured in any way because of an E-Cigarette explosion, do not hesitate to contact our E-Cigarette injury solicitors today, and speak to a solicitor on a free, no-obligation basis within one working hour. 

Can I make an E-Cigarette claim if I was injured by someone else’s E-Cigarette?  

If you have suffered from an E-Cigarette injury from somebody else’s E-Cigarette, you could still be able to make an E-Cigarette injury claim for financial compensation. The claim will be made against the manufacturer themselves, provided that the injuries were caused by the faulty E-Cigarette. 
To learn more about how this process will work for making an E-Cigarette injury claim for injuries sustained from somebody else’s E-Cigarette, simply get in touch with our E-Cigarette injury solicitors here and speak to a solicitor within one working hour on a free, no-obligation basis. 

How can MG Legal’s NO WIN NO FEE personal injury solicitors help me with my E-cigarette injury claim? 

MG Legal’s specialist solicitors are the perfect choice to help you to make your claim after your E-cigarette injury. 
Our team have been settling injury claims for our clients, for a combined period of over thirty years, and in this time have built up a success rate in excess of 99%. Because of this, we are confident in accepting all of our client’s cases on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, allowing them to make a claim with no financial risk involved. 
MG Legal’s team of friendly solicitors are dedicated to each and every case we take on, and from the first time you speak to us, you will be appointed a designated solicitor to handle your claim. You will be able to reach your solicitor by phone at any time, and if we do miss your call they will be back in touch within one working hour to answer any questions that you may have.  
Get in touch with our specialist solicitors, here, for a no-obligation, completely confidential discussion on how we can help you with your E-cigarette injury claim. 
Or, if you live locally, then pop into one of our local solicitor's offices in Garstang, Lancaster, or Longridge for the surrounding Preston areas to speak to one of our specialist solicitors face to face about your claim.  
To see more on E-Cigarette injury claims, see our useful blog on them here. 

Burns from a faulty E-Cigarette: 

One of the most common injuries that people suffer from after an E-Cigarette accident are burns. Depending on whether you were using the E-Cigarette at the time, holding it, or had it in your pocket, these burns can vary in where they are on the body and how severe they are. No matter how minor or severe your E-Cigarette burn injuries are, or where you have been burned, you could be eligible to make an E-Cigarette injury claim with our specialist solicitors. 
When you make an E-Cigarette injury claim for your burns from an E-Cigarette, you might be wondering ‘How much is my E-Cigarette injury claim worth?’. When you make claim, it will be broken down into general and special damages. Special damages can often make up the majority of your claim, and are calculated on an individual basis. See more on special damages, here. 
General damages cover the pain and suffering of your injuries alone, depending on the severity of these injuries. When it comes to burns from E-Cigarette accidents, our specialist E-Cigarette injury solicitors have put together the below using relevant guidelines on how much your burn injuries might be worth in your E-Cigarette injury claim. 
Very severe facial scarring: In relatively young Claimants (typically teens to early 30’s) where the effect is very disfiguring and the psychological effect severe - awards range between £27,940 and £91,350. 
Significant Facial Scarring: Where the worst effects will, or have been, reduced by plastic surgery leaving some cosmetic disability and where the psychological reaction is not great - Awards range between £8,550 and £28,240. 
Less Significant Facial Scarring: In these cases there may be but one scar which can be camouflaged or, though there uis a number of very small scar, the overall effect is to mar, but not markedly to affect the appearance and the reaction is no more than that of an ordinarily sensitive young person - awards range between £3,710 and £12,900. 
Trivial Facial Scarring: In these cases the effect is minor only - awards range between £1,600 and £3,310. 
Scarring to the body: A large proportion of awards for a number of noticeable laceration scars or a single disfiguring scar of legs/arms, hands, back or chest - awards range between £7,350 and £21,330. 
A single noticeable scar or several superficial scars of legs/arms/hand with some minor cosmetic deficit: awards range between £2,220. and £7,350. 

What can I claim for in my E-Cigarette injury claim? 

When you make an E-Cigarette injury claim, your claim will be broken down into a number of sections, each known as ‘damages’ that will provide you with financial compensation for different things. 
Your E-Cigarette injury claim, will be broken down into: 
General damages: This sum will cover the pain and suffering associated with your specific injuries, depending on how severe your injuries are. 
Special damages: special damages instead are in place to financially compensate you for any lost money that you have suffered as a result of your injuries. This can include: 
Lost Earnings 
Medication costs 
Travel costs to medical appointments 
To learn more about the compensation involved in your E-Cigarette injury claim, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist E-Cigarette injury solicitors today here, for a free, no-obligation discussion with a solicitor. 

How long do I have to make an E-Cigarette injury claim? 

Under the Limitation Act of 1980, you have three years from the date at which the E-cigarette injury occurred to make a medical negligence claim. 
However, one thing that our solicitors would advise you to keep in mind, is that the E-cigarette injury claims process can be unpredictable, and there is no saying how long it will take to build a particular claim. Therefore, it is always best to get in touch with a specialist solicitor as soon as possible, and get the ball rolling on your E-cigarette injury claim. 

E-Cigarette injury claims: a case study with MG Legal: 

Here at MG Legal, our specialist E-cigarette injury solicitors have successfully settled an E-cigarette injury claim on behalf of a client who was injured when her E-cigarette exploded in her back pocket. 
After seeking immediate medical attention at her local A&E hospital, and received necessary treatment for her burns and injuries, Mrs B reached out to out specialist E-cigarette injury solicitors. After accepting the E-cigarette injury claim on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, Mrs B’s designated E-cigarette injury solicitor got to work on building the E-cigarette injury claim to be as strong and robust as possible, and collected all of the relevant medical and legal evidence available in the case. 
After going above and beyond to ensure that the claim was as strong as possible, our E-cigarette injury solicitors presented the defective product claim to to manufacturer, and were able to quickly obtain an admission of liability, and agreed a considerable settlement amount for our client of over £7000. 
The process was simple and stress free for Mrs B, and she was extremely happy with the financial compensation settlement amount that her E-cigarette injury solicitor was able to achieve for her on her E-cigarette injury claim. 

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